Red Flags

By Emily VanDyke

This past Saturday, I spent 40 minutes looking for my phone. It was early as I was getting ready to head to a local coffee shop for some much needed quiet. I was desperately trying not to wake my husband or our two pups as I walked around and around the house in the dark trying to find it. After 40 minutes and resolving to leave without it, I finally found it in the pocket of the pants I was wearing. It had been there the whole time. 

When red flags fly, whether it be in relationships, jobs, our emotional health, or medical concerns, these are little indicators that alert us that something is off.  This – losing your phone that is physically on your person – my friends, is a red flag. What is it telling me?  That I am in desperate need to recharge and replenish.  My bucket could use a refill. My tank is on empty.

What red flags are we missing when we are go, go, go?  Perhaps it’s crankiness, stubbornness, or missing something right in front of you. Maybe it’s mismatched socks, misplacing your keys, or relying a little too heavily on that morning coffee to get you through. 

The first step is recognizing when the tank is empty. We can’t continue to push through: a car can’t go without gas, a balloon can’t rise without air, and a bucket can’t overflow to others without first being filled. When we come to these moments of recognition, it helps to take a step back. Hit pause. Make a plan. And ultimately: be kind to ourselves.

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5 thoughts on “Red Flags”

  1. I often find that if I stop and ask God to show me where something is He always shows me where it is or that I don’t need it.  Works for me.

    • The joy multiplies, Tabi.
      We now have a number of people writing posts.
      This one came from a RHRW friend and supporter – Emily.
      God is SO good – !

      • That is so unbelievable sometimes how God grows His planted seeds and purposes for us!
        I am a teacher and I am wondering if you have positions available part time in the summer?
        Have a wonderful weekend. God is GOOD, ALL THE TIME!

        • Tabi – Your question is in remarkable alignment to what God is moving in our hearts!
          There is so much before us.
          We need Spirit-led, passionate, think-outside-the-box people coming alongside of us to explore how God is going to expand the reach and impact of His Plan for our work, rest, and rhythm!
          Can you reach out to me?
          Brenda@ …


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