Ministries & Churches

We know how to run hard. Do you and your team know how to rest well? Becoming a champion of rest revolutionizes God’s work in us and through us. It reacquaints us with the peace and quiet our souls have tried to live without.

Traditional wellness programs target individuals rather than the groups that shape and mold us. As believers, our understanding of work and rest has been forged, not by God, but by the accepted social norms of overload. These beliefs are not God-ordained or healthy.

Run Hard. Rest Well.® is a catalyst for organizational change. We understand that “group norms” of overload and exhaustion got us into this mess. By the power and grace of God, it will be new “group norms” that get us out. From this perspective, a distinctly biblical leadership experience was born to create lasting transformation in individuals, churches, and ministries around the world.

The battle to restore biblical rhythms of work and rest is fierce, but victory transpires one person, one group, one ministry organization at a time. Our speaking and teaching ministries serve the people of God in two ways.

  1. We serve ministry staff through A Rest that Works – Leadership Advantage.
  2. We speak at conferences and facilitate retreats from coast to coast. If the message of Run Hard. Rest Well.® would serve your group, please contact us. Check out our speaking schedule.