Low Ferritin: A Little Known Reason for Chronic Sleep Issues in Adults and Children

By Brenda Jank

While speaking at an Educator’s Conference in (beautiful!) Oregon last week, three people asked me about sleep problems in children.

Committed to delivering support that helps, I came across some need-to-know info for children, even very young children, toddlers, and babies.

I have known that low Ferritin levels impact sleep in adults, especially women – due to menstruation. Low ferritin levels are a part of my personal sleep story. A simple blood test to check my iron reserve level – called ferritin was revealing. My iron reserves were depleted. This “a-ha” also explained major issues I was having with hair loss.

  • Iron supplementation, taken with Vitamin C to enhance absorption was a game changer in my life! (Note: My body did better with a more expensive over-the-counter iron tablet. Read up and look at labels. Also, Vitamin C enhances absorption, but it also does a great job of counteracting the constipating nature of iron supplementation.)
  • Family doctors, internists, and gynecologists can order this test for adults. Pediatricians and Family Doctors for the littles.

What an a-ha to learn that low ferritin levels can play a role in sleep issues for children. 

Learn more below.

Passionate about sleep, Run Hard. Rest Well. offers The Sleep Survival Guide. Short and packed, we highlight Ferritin Levels on page 3.  

Best Read for Children and Ferritin – 3-minutes

Super Short Research – General 

Super Short Research – Children with ADHD



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  1. Thank you for being committed to helping people get the rest they need in order to heal and thrive… john



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