Fire tends to create Hi-Def moments. Flames and firetrucks exploded into my world last Friday afternoon as fire engulfed a large maintenance building 25 yards from our home at the camp where we live. Engulfed. The black …

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Sweet Spot

A sweet spot. I am in that place—a place where I am intimately aware of the hand that leads and the heart that beats for me, for you. It’s a place of astounding security (held tight), freedom …

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Road Less Traveled

Rest. Take it. Run. Run with it. Run into it. Never, ever run away from it. Ever. Run with great determination. God’s arms are opened wide. Run. Be at rest once more, O my soul … Psalm …

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We’re going on vacation. Tomorrow.  It’s almost here.  I can just about taste it. Like Sabbath, I have not earned it. I don’t deserve it. It’s a gift. My calendar is blank. Blank! Demands are few. (I …

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Lesson Learned

I need to apologize. Sharing the Vitamin C information took me into territory I was not fully prepared to tread. Health and medical information is vital in our journey toward rhythms of rest, but I’m not sure …

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Cortisol Buster

The rigors of life create a sustained release of cortisol for many people today. I am a prime example. The price tag is stiff. This round, cortisol is playing a role in attacking my thyroid. The medical …

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God on Vacation

As I pursue the whole idea of Industrial Strength Rest or Radical Sabbatical I continue to examine and explore the four rhythms of rest: sleep, Sabbath, stillness (personal retreat) and solitude (personal retreat). They are all going …

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Desert Streams

We never know where God has hidden his streams. Unlikely places abound. Attentiveness is required. Will I come with a cup in hand? Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her to the …

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When it comes to rest, what freedoms do you enjoy? What freedoms slip through your hands? Your heart? Happy 4th of July! May the freedom of rest ring loud and clear.

Radical Sabbatical

Radical Sabbatical. Over the last two years I’ve tried to figure out how to infuse a Sabbatical Rest into a life that does not allow for “time away” in typical Sabbatical fashion. I’ve tried out different ideas. …

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