Road Less Traveled


Take it.


Run with it.

Run into it.

Never, ever run away from it.


Run with great determination.

God’s arms are opened wide.


Be at rest once more, O my soul … Psalm 116:7

Psalm 116

(Thoughts from vacation 2013)

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run hard. rest well.


First time here?

3 thoughts on “Road Less Traveled”

  1. Welcome back. I pray all was perfect in God’s hands. May your eyes be open in a new way to the leading that God has established for you

    • Betty, Thank you for the welcome! Here’s a little peek at our vacation week from my journal.

      “This week was about hope. God made that clear on Monday morning as I sat out on our 5th floor balcony enjoying a tree-top view of beautiful pine trees rising up from the sandstone rock of the Wisconsin River. Heaven opened wide. The storehouses poured out into a hungry heart. The red thread of HOPE was woven into every day. My time with God was stunning. Deep refreshment!

      Was the trip perfect? Far from it. East of Eden and this side of heaven it will never be. I continually learn the art of enjoying the process of life. Our time in Wisconsin was still very good. We laughed. We loved. We let down. The rest was sweet. We didn’t want to leave.

      I am acutely aware that I was just beginning to move into a new place of “quiet heart” when it was time to return. Some day. Some day there will be an extended time of rest.
      Ever grateful!!
      Highlights! 1. Our time climbing the “mountainous” eastern rim at Devil’s Lake. Ahhhhh!! My knees held out. The kids had a ball. The beauty was breathtaking. 2. A Jet Boat ride of the Upper Dells. Fun! Wet! The towering, layered sandstone is a marvel of His making. 3. The water park. The water slides are just fun. Everyone’s favorite was the Toilet Bowel (as we named it.) 4. A very pretty place to park my lawn chair — on a quiet ledge beside the river. Once again, ahhhh.

      – Tim and Joe (16) are now out in Nebraska continuing the trip as a duo.
      – Josh (19) is doing well. Holding his own. No pain. O2 at 84%. Holding steady.
      – Packing Anna (14) and Noah (12) for a week of camp. (Anna at Drama Camp. Noah at Discovery.)
      – Sam (18) making final Grace College plans.
      Now on to HOPE. Lived fully and freely.

      Betty — blessing on your week.


      • Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I can just taste a piece of the filling God gave you from His banquet table. Oh how He loves to laugh and play. What great healing there was in Your time. Rest! Yes, that will come…when the kids are gone and the demands lessen, but for now you are blessed with the kids and the demands and the work God has given you to bless us and encourage us and show us the solidness of the Rock we must all stand on. Hope and rest in His work through you. Love and laugh and let the rest slide down the toilet bowl.


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