Fire tends to create Hi-Def moments.

Flames and firetrucks exploded into my world last Friday afternoon as fire engulfed a large maintenance building 25 yards from our home at the camp where we live.


The black smoke could be seen 15 miles away. Buttressed up against the building, facing our home, were two 60 gallon tanks. One held gasoline, the other diesel. The “barn,” as we call it, was full of vehicles loaded fuel.

When the fire broke out, 350-400 people were at camp. I was among this gathered group about 150 yards away from the brewing disaster. We were at the camp closing celebration, completely unaware.

Fire! Fire in the maintenance barn.”

The staff moved into high gear, most attending to the campers and parents in their care. I joined the sprint of the support staff to the barn.

The sight was overwhelming. The building was already lost.

The gasoline tank! The thought induced terror.

How soon will it blow?

Our son, Josh, was home alone, only yards a potential blast.

My race to the house are minutes I will never forget.

Only one thing mattered.

With everyone safe, my prayers for the fuel tanks were constant, out-loud cries. Then I saw four men, dads desperate to help, to make a difference. They were only feet from the building.

Get away from the fire!” I shouted again and again.

Two of the men were off-duty firemen.

Despite a steadfast desire, with no water or equipment, they were as helpless as the rest of us.

The tanker trucks arrived. Firefighters, with water and the right equipment, halted the flames around the large fuel tanks, ending the threat of explosions and what I feared could be the mass destruction of the north end of camp.

The fire, bent on destruction, destroyed the barn and all the camp vehicles, equipment and tools it contained. It also consumed a passenger van (parked along side the building) and an additional shed. An unoccupied camp home sustained exterior damage. The miracle stories are many.

48 hours later, I had another Hi-Def moment.

The momentum and consuming nature of sparks and smoke created an impossible situation. The conditions were ripe.

On a weekly basis, against the backdrop of tremendous opportunities and demands, we too, are up against the momentum of an impossible situation.

It’s overload. Like fire, it will consume and engulf.

Are the conditions ripe in your life?

All the desire in the world to fight this beast is no match or remedy for overload, without the right equipment.

What time-tested tools are you using to battle this blaze?

This battle requires the right equipment. Combating overload invites, demands a commitment to Rhythms of Rest. We see these rhythms in the Bible.

  • Sabbath

  • Sleep

  • Stillness (soul-care)

  • Solitude (personal retreat)

These Rhythms of Rest give us access to water. You know the kind. It’s described in John 4:13-14. It’s designed for parched and weary souls.

Without Living Water and these tools, we are helpless against the cultural riptide of exhaustion and overload.

It’s a battle of life and death.

Are alarm bells sounding in your life?

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First time here?

7 thoughts on “Fire”

  1. Is Josh okay? I know his oxygen is explosive. I know smoke inhalation is really bad. I’m so glad that things weren’t worse than they were. I know they could have been.

    The family is gone on vacation. Woohoo! That means for a few days I’ve had peace. I haven’t felt well and have done as little as possible. I’ve been able to be in the Word and in prayer more. Not much else I could do. I have slept peacefully for the most part… One cat at my feet, one cat on my head, and a dog under the bed. It what I’ve needed. That getting away from the stuff that consumes us and being alone with the One Who loves us. Thank you for reminding me to rest and not clean house. Again, blessings on you and yours and I’m glad things weren’t worse.

    • Betty,
      Josh took in no smoke. His lungs would not have been able to handle it. It’s been a rough week. His O2 level is now routinely in the high 70’s. He asked to be on oxygen last night. A first. Usually I am asking him — begging him or at least trying to help him make good choices. Thank you for asking. We are being held.

      Praise the Lord on a quiet house and the guilt-free rest you are leaning into. Keep it up — with your furry friends close by and your heart on intent on time with Jesus.
      Amen to that sister!
      Rest well!

      • Josh is growing up a little isn’t he? God is so good. He is so faithful in His provision. Did I tell you about the mummy? When I was feeling really bound up and I was crying out for someone to loose me, God assured me that for a while…until I was more healed..
        He needed for me to stay swaddled. He showed me that the clothes that were holding me together were Jesus. Now I do understand this, but I was able to quit fighting against those things that I felt were bondage. I was able to breathe. I know that you, too, are wrapped in the fullness of Jesus…as is Josh. God will provide for today and tomorrow. It’s His promise to us all.

    • Pam,
      It’s been a year since we were together in Wisconsin. What a powerful time that was for me. He paves the way. We move in God’s strength and peace.
      Onward in his Grace!

  2. God be praised for safekeeping. Lord please reveal yourself as Jehovah Jireh- provider and keeper in the days ahead. Help Brenda and all be secure in your shalom “sit here and lean on me.”

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