Week 11: Plan B

I am on retreat today. It is a defensive retreat based on a breaking heart, diminishing returns and the beginning of an intense season of ministry for my family. (We run a Christian summer camp.) My afternoon retreat was going to take place at a city park beside a small lake with a trip to a favorite coffee shop at some point.

Instead it is taking place in the hospital room of my 19 year old son, who got admitted last night. It’s Josh’s 69th night in the hospital over the last 9 ½ months. We are in a long-haul, very hard season.

In my life—again and again—the power, peace and Presence of God is most fully accessed in a quiet hour off the beaten path—no matter where I am and what’s going on.

I will give you treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who calls you by name. Isaiah 45: 3

Today my quiet hour will begin in Psalm 107:23-32.

When the time comes for you to slip away for an hour or a day this summer, this article may bless you as you launch onto holy ground. 

Alone With the One Who Knows Your Name

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  1. Fear not, I am with you oh be not dismayed. For I am your God and will still give you aid . I’ll strengthen thee, gel

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