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workbootReady to put on your work boots? I’m no longer in this alone. The ranks are swelling. We (we!) have been entrusted with the message “Run hard. Rest well.” It’s not my message – not one ounce of it. The power and beauty of this message testifies to God’s ingenuity and authorship. It’s an invitation to four restorative rhythms.

Have you been on this site long enough to know these rhythms by heart?

Sabbath. Sleep. Stillness. Solitude.

Have you been on this site long enough to know the mission? The vision?

Run Hard. Rest Well. exists to release the power and purpose of rest in the lives of God’s people so that the Kingdom is advanced with a vibrancy found in a strength not our own. When it comes to the four Rhythms of Rest, can you name them? Do you know them? Do you live them? Answering these questions honestly could change your life – and the lives of those around you.

Desiring to prepare this team (you!) for action and impact – I’d like to set into motion a series of blog posts that address your critical questions in the coming months.

As the “rubber hits the road” on this journey…

  • Where do you face the most resistance?
  • How can we cheer each other to the next level?
  • How do we move this from theory to an innovative practice?
  • How do we make rest work through the various seasons of life?
  • How do we set up our lives to receive all that God has for us through the power and
  • purpose of rest?

Part of the vision of this ministry is to make Run Hard. Rest Well. “inviting, accessible, practical, transformational.” Rest is a hot topic. There are plenty of articles and books in circulation. But are we being changed? Transformed? Run Hard. Rest Well., at its core, is about reformation and revolution. It will look different in each life, but the resulting freedom, joy and purposefulness will be red threads woven into each and every heart. A tall order.

I need your help.

In the weeks ahead will you send me questions you have about your own journey, about the journey of those you love, about the journey of a select age group you serve? Drop a line or leave a comment with as many questions as you can come up with. In the months ahead we’ll tackle those questions head on—together. We are ready for this. It will move us all to a new level of growth.


I would love to see a list of 3,000 questions. I want to look for patterns. I want to see and know what issues are most pressing, most challenging, most overwhelming on this journey. Make a list of questions off the top of your head or think about it, either way, send your list my way. (Don’t worry about “duplicate” questions – I want to see if 36 people have the same question or challenge. OK! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!)

Go Make A Difference

Josh’s biggest passion in life is for children – children in need of families and children who are hungry and in need. While Josh was at the Hospice Home in August, he was a part of planting seeds of hope to help feed local families in need. Because of this and the compassionate, determined woman who heard his dream, two farmers and one child donated 11 hogs to hungry families this fall. With meat processing fees, the donation of these farmers exceeds $3,000. Eleven northeast Indiana families now have access to meat for a year! Two fish. Five loaves. Lord, do what You do best—multiply our giving!

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18 thoughts on “Team Work”

  1. Ah, Brenda, you know I love you, but I can’t help on this one. There are dreams we all have. But for some of us, dreams just don’t come true. Years ago God filled my heart with the desire for Sabbath Rest. I’ve never known rest. It’s not available to me. You can’t try for rest. That’s not resting. I’ve clutched at every straw I could find to find a way to still the storm inside me. But there is not peace. I love The Lord, but maybe I’m just a hyperactive child who can’t be still. I may never cross the Jordan, but I have Jesus. I love you. I love Josh’s heart. I hope the children find homes.

    • Betty,
      You know the deepest rest these is — in the arms of Jesus while tossed by relentless storms within and without.
      Now — to allow that Rest to transform the rest of our rest. That is the question before all of us.
      My love and prayers,

      • I brought this question up to my therapist. This deep longing of the soul for rest. Yes, in Jesus’ arms, but He wants that for us here and now too. Now he too is searching. Rest is God’s compensation for the work required of us as a result of sin. I should rejoice in that compensation…that gift….I crave it.

  2. You are truly one of God’s chosen, Brenda. Thanks for taking the wheel to drive us all forward in our faith journey.

    A pressing question I have is: How do I continue to feed the Word to my loved ones who have lost faith and don’t want to talk about God? I have given this burden over to God because it is too difficult for me to handle. I pray for them every day and I try very hard to walk the talk. I stumble many times, but I ask for forgiveness and proceed down the good path. In this, I find joy and peace…and this I love to share…how I have joy and peace in trial and tribulation. It’s definitely a God thing! I know that God’s work is not in my time, but I find myself getting anxious because I want to know that my loved ones will be joining me in heaven one day, and we definitely don’t know when that will be. I don’t want it to be too late for them.

    As I type this, I find again that peace which surpasses all understanding….I believe that I am doing all that I can, I just need to give them over to God, and I need to TRUST Him! Only then will I find rest.

    God’s blessings to you and yours. Your Josh and the rest of your family are always in my prayers.

    • Rose,
      Your heart and passion make God smile. It’s the race we run.
      Surrender and trust is our place of rest.
      And those you love —- love them “over the top.” Not canned or forced.
      But freely and generously.
      Love on a Mission.
      It’s our call.

      Got this question on my list!

  3. I hope you get this, Brenda! I just wanted to let you know that I heard Malinda Stanthenfer (sp?) speak several times here at Concordia on Monday and Tuesday. She made the announcement about Red Diamond Days in her classes (I’m in two with her), and at chapel Tuesday handed out red stones (I think the diamonds are on their way). I have two, and I’m looking forward to finding someone to give the extra to. Just wanted to let you and Josh know that his story is being shared far and wide, and we are all with you on this! Thank you all so much for your ministry.

    Jaimie Ramsey

    • Jaimie,
      Thank you so much for keeping us up with what’s happening in Nebraska! Far and wide.
      I found myself thinking about the fact that Josh is an ambassador right now.
      We are all.
      Let’s pray for each person who is receiving a diamaond today!

  4. These are the first ideas that popped into my head(and pop in often)…
    1. How can I fit everything in my life and do it all well? I am constantly feeling like I do many things half way..wife, mom, housekeeper, cook, teacher, “rester”. And I don’t see how I can cut any of those things out.
    2. Technology/tv… Doing less of it
    3. Keeping the sabbath holy

  5. thoughts from teh top of my head (because I’m not sure there’s anything but a top of my head these days)

    How do I find the line- when does rest become irresponsible?
    Is it possible to rest on the run? (A matter of focus, not necessarily always bodily stillness?)
    What can I teach my young children about rest? Isn’t a child’s life ALL rest?

  6. I love reading your posts Brenda! My question is: Solitude? I’m an extrovert and I get my energy from being around people, generally. Do you think solitude is an important part for all personality types?

    • Jean!
      Your bless me.
      I think the “quiet” of solitude is important for all personality types — but will look very different for each one.
      Here’s some things I’ve learned along the way.
      1. Extended solitude (a personal retreat) can take place with others. Enjoy the camaraderie of travel and meals, but reserve set-a-part hours for some alone time.
      2. Solitude can be active. Walking, boating, strumming, writing …
      3. Solitude only requires minutes. 5 minutes outside can be a powerful thing.
      4. I’m an extrovert. I vary my time on personal retreat. Some times I go to a public place and people watch…or schedule a phone call with a dear friend miles away.
      5. Under stress, we can “switch” types. I see this in my life. My “introvertness” increases.
      6. When alone, I can be well aware that I am not alone. The communion is sweet.
      7. A quiet hour is a powerful thing.
      2013 is coming to a close. Some of my most favorite retreat time will take place this week as I reflect on the hand of God over this last year and commit the new one to come to his keeping. I often find my self on tip-toes anticipating what He might have planned as the Potter of my soul.
      Jean — May this New Year be bright with promise, joy, hope.
      Take care,

      • Thanks for the response! I especially resonate with #2 and 3 on your list. Now that I think about, I do really feel good after a few minutes outside in the garden in the summer (even by myself!) : )

    • I’m an introvert. People are HARD! God calls us to the hard places. That is where we get out of OUR comfort zone and turn to Him for help. I do at least. Enjoy your hard places.


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