Spread Too Thin

As you navigate through the joys and challenges of the summer, are you attempting “to be all things to all people?” or “all things to a few people?”

Is guilt nipping at your heels? 

Male or female, this week’s article (from Today’s Christian Woman October, 2010) may offer some words of Life for a soul spread too thin.

No Guilt for Saying No.

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  • The site is under construction for a few weeks right now to compile the e-book, re-vamp the site and prepare to launch out into a broader spectrum of people. During this time I am going to send out links to articles I’ve written for various Christianity Today print and on-line publications over the last few years. With their permission (and handy links), I pray these articles bless and encourage.

run hard. rest well.


First time here?

6 thoughts on “Spread Too Thin”

  1. You know us all too well Brenda…..thank you for your insight and support to all of us, we are blessed to have you in our lives!!!

    • Lisa —
      These are Truths we need to be reminded of again and again (all of us!) as we cheer each other on to run a guilt-free race.
      May your rest be sweet this week.

      • Finding it hard to find the rest this week my wonderful friend, and guilt is following….looking forward to a Sunday of pot roast and hopefully digging in the dirt… 🙂 I know you can relate…


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