Sh’mittah and the 4th of July

by Brenda Jank

Sh’mittah is the Hebrew word for Sabbatical Year, a sabbath to the Lord. God ordained, it was to be honored every seventh year. It shows up in four of the five books of the Torah, plus Jeremiah and Ezekiel.

The Year of Jubilee, a year of the Lord’s favor, also has Sabbatical implications. It is celebrated every 50 years, a year after seven cycles of seven Sabbatical years.

Hebrew scholar I am not, but I do like to pause and ponder.

What does God have for me in all this? What does God want from me through all this?

The journey begins.

At first glance, I see rhythm. 

I see God’s hand.

I hear the words freedom, rest, release.

I recognize a purposefulness that invites exploration.

It creates in me a sense of anticipation.




When it comes to rest, what freedoms do you enjoy?

What freedoms slip through your hands? Your heart?

Happy 4th of July.

May the freedom of rest ring out loud and clear.

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