New Website Celebration!

Celebrate with us today by visiting the new Run Hard. Rest Well. 

Packed to the brim with support and resources, Run Hard. Rest Well. longs to be a breath of fresh air to the warriors, the weary, and the wounded among us.

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Special Features

  • Have you seen our beautiful 87-second promotional video? Click here
  • Don’t miss the first page. A quick glimpse will allow you to catch the vision and feel the passion. Click here
  • Click on the search icon at the top right (a magnifying glass). Type in any topic to locate 7 years of blog posts and articles to encourage you on your Run Hard. Rest Well. journey. 
    • Search for: Sabbath, Stillness, Sleep, Personal Retreat . . .
    • Or try: Mom, Vacations, Stress, Christmas, Leadership . . .
  • Would you consider becoming a ministry partner, donor, and a catalyst for lasting change in the Church? There are one-time and monthly giving options. In 2019, RHRW received a Gold Seal from Guide Star, quite an honor. My friends, the need is great.
  • Visit our store. Propel you and those you love toward vibrancy, strength, and transformation. Thanks to your passion, our resources have a worldwide reach.
    • Check out our new A Rest That Works video series – at very special “launch” pricing. Remarkable testimonies coming in. Priced for individual use and for organizational distribution. Watch the first video!
    • Books. Retreat guides. Free Resources.

Onward. Upward. Eyes on Jesus – !
We have so much to be thankful for.

Hey! Run Hard. Rest Well.’s first website launched in March 2013, thanks to the gifts and determination of Bethany Andrews. Joshua Vandercar beautifully crafted our new website. Joshua is a Ft. Wayne web designer. Committed to good work and winsome support through his company Typewheel, Joshua is man of faith we trust and admire. Hats off to Bethany and Joshua. We are in this together!

Brenda Jank is a thought leader in the arena of Restorative Wellness. Find additional resources and support for yourself and those you love, lead and serve at

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2 thoughts on “New Website Celebration!”

  1. Oh, Brenda, y’all have done a great job. I love the promotional video and the beginning video with you. Perfect. Both of them. Betty

    • Betty, Thank you so much!
      Joshua Vandercar did such a great job!
      Teamwork at its best!

      *Brenda Jank*

      Executive Director


      Champions Rest. Equips Leaders. Changes Culture.
      Sign up for *A Rest that Works* seminar or retreat


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