12-Part Video Series

A Rest That Works: Trade Fatigue for Freedom

Session 1: Run Hard. Rest Well.

Are you tired? Is your team running on empty? We know how to run hard, but we don’t know how to rest well. Wellness is a hot topic, yet the number one crisis in our world is overload and exhaustion. There is a solution. Let’s learn how to run with passion and rest with purpose.

Three purchasing options:
Personal Use: $19
Small Group Use: $69
Organizational Distribution: please contact us.

This resource

  • Encourages and empowers individuals toward lasting change.
  • Equips leaders to introduce their people to Restorative Wellness. 
  • Each 4-6 minute video clip offers strategic tools to help people run with passion and rest with purpose and ends with a reflective question to cultivate connection and conversation. 

This inspiring series lays a foundation for cultural change through

  • Staff development opportunities for in person or at-home use
  • Congregational distribution
  • Team leadership meetings in person or on-line
  • Small group Bible studies
  • Individual Use

Our special 2020-2021 initiative includes

  • The Video Series
  • The Video Journey (with a $69 purchase) – is a PDF with 12, embedded video links. With this PDF you have permission to send the video series on to 7 people or family units (or) each link can be sent out, one at a time, as needed. This option is great for Small Groups and as a creative gift opportunity for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or as a Thank You for those on the Front Line. If you would like to distribute to more than 7 people, please contact brenda@runhardrestwell.org for more information on how to do so in a creative and cost-effective manner.
  • The Study Guide – a personal or small group resource for a deep dive into the content.

pre-Covid19 price was $149