Formula of Change

By Brenda Jank

D x V x FS > R is the Formula of Change and it has grabbed my attention.

In my RHRW journey, I have been a student of change. Change is some of the hardest work of our lives, requiring courage, surrender, tenacity, humbleness, and God.

Does summer open the door for you to tackle an “interior redesign” project? If you would like to move the dial on your fatigue and unrest, come, let’s explore the Formula of Change.

D – Dissatisfaction
Is something missing from your life? Do you want something more? Is perpetually running on empty taking  a chunk out of your heart, your joy, your health, your closest relationships? Change starts with a nagging sense of dissatisfaction. Those feelings can light the fire if we turn, not to shame, but to God.

V – Vision
Do you see something better? Do you want something more? What does God have for you that is not currently yours? Let Him cast the vision. 
Earlier in my life I had a love/hate relationship with Matthew 11. If you have, too, peek here. 
What is God whispering into your soul? Ultimately, more than what I want for my life, I want what He wants for my life.

FS – First Step
The Formula of Change recognizes the POWER of a first step. It only takes a peek at the entire “change journey” before me to shut me down and stop me in my tracks. The idea of trying to lose 25 lbs. is daunting, but a First Step might have me commit to eating only 1 sweet thing today, and not 2. This, I can handle. In your journey to live loved, free, rested, and empowered, what’s your First Step? Many are finding hope in the power of one hour. Can you commit to one hour … spread out in twelve 5-minute podcast/video recordings called Trading Fatigue for Freedom: A Rest That Works? Whether over 12 days or 12 weeks, the hope and help tucked into these short gems sets the stage for first steps, next steps, and new found freedom and joy. 
Watch Video/Podcast One here.

R – Resistance
Nothing in our world will support our desire to learn how to run hard AND rest well. God is the Author of Rest. Satan is the Author of Unrest. We have to turn a deaf ear to the shame and fear he works so hard to instill. “You’re not enough,” is one of Satan’s favorite lies. To combat the resistance we will face, find a traveling companion. Consider asking a friend or two to join you on this journey. Their companionship will fortify and fuel your own journey and will bring joy to theirs.

This summer, what’s your formula for change? What’s your first step?
May Jesus point the way, grab your hand and your heart, and turn our lives upside down.

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