Create a Soul Satisfying Summer Break for Your Kids

By Brenda Jank

When school is out, there is new found freedom, as well as boredom. New parenting struggles emerge. Trying to keep your child(ren) entertained until August can feel overwhelming, especially when your to-do list weighs heavily on your heart. 

Our team at Run Hard. Rest Well.®  has some tips to help take some of the stress out of balancing childcare and your workload.

1. Learn more about your child’s interests
This may seem like an obvious starting point but it goes deeper than asking your child, “What do you want to do today?” Do your research on activities geared towards their interests and guide them into that activity together. This not only makes your child feel seen but you may learn a couple new tricks along the way.

2. Boredom is ok and evitable
You can’t entertain your child 24/7, and it’s best that a screen doesn’t either. Remember to give yourself grace over this stressor. Imagination and curiosity stem from boredom. Encourage daydreaming and cloud watching. It’s the little things that can make a big impact. Consider exploring this idea of stillness together. To begin this journey, take a peek here.

3. Learning can be fun
That’s where the beauty of summer-time schedules can unleash creative ways of learning. Playing is important. Continued educational activities can make summer extra special.

This summer, explore Restorative Wellness as a family and enjoy 6 family devotion times – together!. Powerful and interactive, with meaningful questions for you and your kids, check out our video-based program for kids in 5th-12th grade. Run the Race is low-cost, easy to use, fun to experience, and positions kids to flourish in our world of unrest.
Watch Video One: The Power of Pit Stops here

Starting activities with your child can seem like a daunting task, but you don’t have to be a scholar, teacher, or expert to make it work. You just need a willing heart and a sense of exploration. There are many moments of learning that can’t happen in a classroom, so enjoy the little moments this summer, and let God pave the way to a summer of fun and restoration.

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