• 240 people enter this world every minute.
  • 120 people die every minute.
  • 80 people die without knowing Jesus Christ.*The ministry of Run Hard. Rest Well.

By the time you finish reading this blog, 230 people will have died.

This statistic makes me swallow hard. It drives me to a quiet, reflective place.

We have work to do. The ministry of Run hard. Rest well. exists so we are able to run our race in a strength, with a purpose, with a vibrancy not our own.

Rest is delightful in every way, but rest was crafted for a purpose.

A divine purpose.

We are all running a race, but it often feels like a treadmill, even a rodent wheel.

The Rat Race robs us. The price tag is hefty.

To run our race and run it well, we need to revisit the truth behind four key words: Conviction. Commission. Commitments. Calling.


Conviction is an invitation and a driving force to prioritize our life in a way that is directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Left to ourselves, comfort, convenience and self-absorption nudge their way into our thinking, our doing, our values and our calendars. None of us are immune.

Do I live under the deep conviction that God is the Potter and that I am a vessel made on purpose for a purpose?

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord …” Jeremiah 29:11a

May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us—yes, establish the work of our hands.” Psalm 90:17

Yes! Truth be told, I don’t always like the phrase “for us.”

The Lord will (my emphasis) fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever—do not abandon the works of your hand.” Psalm 138:8

Take home:

  • The motivation behind God’s purpose is love.
  • His purposes for me are long term endeavors. It takes determination on both ends. God’s good to go. Are we? Are we determined to live under the conviction that God has a plan for my life above convenience and comfort?


* These figures represent my best understanding of the statistics I gleaned from various resources. The numbers were rounded to give us a rough, memorable handle. Can you tuck them into your heart? Please contact me if you have information/statistics that would be helpful on this topic. Thanks!

How is your heart these days? Where are you convicted?

Is This Your First Time Here?

Welcome! We’re a group that gathers around the theme, “There has to be a better way.” We’re finding it in the 4-word mission statement, “Run hard. Rest well.”

  • It’s a journey into the heart of God. It comes our way through an on-going exploration of four biblical rhythms that revive, replenish and restore: Sabbath Keeping, Sleep (and other simple stress-reducers), Stillness—personal retreat, and Solitude—personal retreat.
  • It’s an expedition that challenges us at every turn. It convicts us in deep, tender places. It alters our priorities and plans. It’s not for the faint of heart.
  • It’s adventure at its best – as we learn to run the race in a power not our own.

First time here?

7 thoughts on “Conviction”

  1. Brenda, remember the Holy Spirit is doing the calling in each of life’s situation and we need to be available but not concerned that we are not doing. This concern can be a great down turn in our ability to be rested and available when the Holy Spirit’s prompts.
    Blessings on your being available to His calling,
    Jerry Hapke (Judi’s husband)

    • Hi Jerry! Yes. Yes. Yes! Our calling rests in Him and His voice. I fear too many get stretched too thin by voices of guilt. “I should do this.” “I should do that.” Stretched too thin and running a million miles an hour, we are unable to hear the Spirit’s whisper. The sheep hear His voice. Lord open my ears and my hearts.

  2. Where am I convicted? This week is a bit of an odd week. I have slept much. I needed the sleep….the rest. It’s a time of adjustment to new medicine. That’s another reason for the sleep. It’s a still time. There are so many things that want to see my activity in them. You should see my desk….I can’t. The to do list is a conviction, but mostly it’s what am I doing with my time? I have spent it with God. When I am in that place the to do list is smaller. The peace is greater. The needs are being met. Yes, I must tackle the desk, but not until Jesus has had His say within my day.

  3. Betty, I agree with Brenda; “Not until Jesus has had His say within my day.” I can see my desk, bits and pieces of it ;). I wanted to clean it this week on my vacation, but my prayers were heard. Time with my family, a bit of an update to my daughters room. My parents came from PA to NY to buy my daughter a new bed, while my little brother helped paint her room. So cleaning my room waits. One day my nest will be empty while my heart remains full. Then I will have time to clean my room properly as I reminisce of squeaky little voices in the hallways.

    • You are so right, Erin. First must come the children. We only have them for a short time to love them and teach them and hold them. Too soon, they are gone. Then we will have plenty of time to clean.

    • Erin, it’s a constant prayer (but, oh I forget) — “Lord allow Your priorities and Your whispers my complete, obedient attention.”


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