Spiritual Discipline During Lent

Lent. This is the time of year when many Christians participate in various spiritual disciplines. Some people give up a particular food or commit to rise early to spend more time in scripture. There is a wide …

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The Power of Three

I once heard the shamrock leaf used to explain the Trinity to a group of children. Three leaves.Three entities.God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Children aren’t the only ones who need some sort of symbol to better understand …

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The Early Bird Catches the Worm

By Brenda Jank A popular pastime people love is finding hidden treasures all around the world. Some treasure hunters rise hours before dawn just to be the first hunter onsite.   We’ve all heard the expression, “the early …

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New Year. New Heart.

By Emily VanDyke God, create a clean heart for me and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 New year, new me, right? The New Year often brings with it a sense of responsibility to a new set …

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A Pressing Question

By Brenda Jank 39 days into 2023, the question before us is simple. What are you doing to feed your soul? What is one thing you did last week to refill your bucket? Celebrate. What is one …

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Stillness Is Time Well Spent

By Stacey Dumbacher Sometimes we live life on autopilot – not feeling or thinking, just running until we sit in front of the TV or fall into bed. This way of life leaves no time to think. …

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