Game Changing Advancement

by Brenda Jank

With glorious clarity – Champion Rest. Equip Leaders. Transform Lives. – our tag line from the moment GO, is energizing us even more today as we embrace the call and work before us. Why? We are partnering with you and others like you to transform lives—together! Because of you, we receive unsolicited emails like these …

From a high school teacher, “Without your book (Vantage Point), I would not be alive today.”

From a denominational head leader at the state level, “Run Hard. Rest Well. is clearly making a difference in the lives of our staff. We are regularly sharing stories and celebrating the new steps we are taking. We are taking 15 minutes every week to keep the conversation going. You have opened the door, given us permission, and are helping make the Rest of God happen in our lives. Thank you!”

From a mom who works full time, “I will praise the Lord for the rest of my life for these 2 days!  You have changed my life and I will be forever grateful.” 

Run Hard. Rest Well. Champions Rest every week through free, weekly Posts that span the globe, Vantage Point (now in the hands of 6,000 people), and our classic retreat and seminar series A Rest That Works – both in person and through zoom. Our zoom events are opening the door to worldwide impact.

We Equip Leaders through short, simple, and strategic follow-up resources that take teams to new levels of running hard and resting well with excellence and joy. This follow-up support is positioning nonprofit teams, school teachers, church staff, and front-line heroes to “refill and repair” dangerously depleted buckets after three years of COVID upheaval.

We Transform Lives through people like you and strategic partnerships that are laying the foundation for a “game changing” advance. To pave the way, we added to our team Michelle Hoffschneider, Creative Director, and Ben Stuckey, Chief Advancement Officer, and are engaging in a series of 12+ strategic, all-day meetings to evaluate what IS and set into motion, all that WILL BE.

Our prayer is simple – that we remain in Step with the Spirit, discerning, wise, and unafraid. The opportunities before us are hard to fully comprehend. The need for an infrastructure overhaul is unprecedented. Without change, we will move into 2023 unprepared. It is a new season at Run Hard. Rest Well. and one thing is clear – God is in this, God is big, and we can’t do it alone.

Before this year is over, we need to raise $32,000.

As founder, my forte is the message and the program. All of this will continue, but, starting last January, God directed my heart to next steps. This journey took a new turn while working my way through the book of Luke.

“After this, Jesus traveled about from one town and village to another, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God. The Twelve were with him, and also some women … These women were helping to support them out of their own means.”  Luke 8:1-3

What? Jesus chose to need financial partners while walking this earth! This rocked my world. And as we partner, pray, plan, and envision, God will use us to rock this world.

Help us retool and revamp. Critical infrastructure needs, totaling $32,000, will allow us to move into 2023 prepared to Champion Rest. Equip Leaders. Transform Lives. Together, we can bring back the joy and deliver HOPE to people in hard places locally and worldwide. (Click here to donate.)


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