Who Are YOU?

Who are you – the readers of this Run Hard. Rest Well. team?
You are my teachers and heroes.
You are people who are aware. You pay attention.
You are aware of what is and what could be.
You are committed to Jesus Christ, God’s Word, his voice and his unique and stunning purpose for . . .

  • your work
  • his rest, and
  • the rhythm he has called you to explore and embrace.

You are instruments of peace, inviting others and cheering them on to a pace that is vibrant, sustainable and transformative.
My calling is simple. It is to serve you. Whoever you are. Wherever you are.
To do this well, we periodically revisit the original series that launched this blog.
It will begin next week.
Do you know someone who is running hard?
Invite them.
Share your story. Your joys. Your progress.
Share the faithfulness you’ve found in him, as you realign your race to his pace.
Amidst a wide array of flashing warning lights, it’s a conversation people who love Jesus need to pursue – head on. Like many good things, the best time to begin is now. Here are two questions to can use as conversation starters.

  • When was the last time you took the time to recharge, to rest well? What did it look like? Feel like?
  • Who taught you how to work? How to rest? Who are you teaching how to run hard AND rest well? What does that look like? Who are you teaching? Who are you mentoring? Do you feel equipped for the job? (If you don’t feel equipped, but want to be, drop Brenda a note. brenda@runhardrestwell.org)


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3 thoughts on “Who Are YOU?”

  1. Thanks for keeping in the loop I went to one of your retreats last year read you weekly and keep going over your retreat book I got at the retreat

  2. Yes! Onward! We need you. We need the message God has given you. You, too, must rest well, my sister. You, too, must rest. I let everything go yesterday and again today. Jesus only was my source.


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