A Vacuum and the Voice of God

By Brenda Jank

My vacuum had not been working the last few weeks, so I took it in to get fixed at a local father-son vacuum repair shop. Well, when I got it back, it still wasn’t working. I called them, and they kindly said to bring it back in.

On my way there, I sensed the Lord say, “Do you wonder why I am bringing you here a second time
. . . maybe, I want you to show them My love.”
(This story came from Laura Martin. The rest is my interpretation of her account.)

With that still, small voice that came out of nowhere, God had my attention. I mused “Hmm, hadn’t thought about that. I’m mostly feeling frustrated by this return trip. Well Lord, lead the way.” My heart-rate quickened.

Once inside, the owner pulled popcorn out of the vacuum and within minutes, it was back in action. Laura struck up a conversation with the owner, found out that his daughter-in-law was fighting cancer and was able to pray with him. She left the shop, but returned, recognizing that the Lord was not finished.

Laura sensed the Holy Spirit say, “Go in again . . . don’t waste this opportunity to share your faith because of fear.” Laura listened and obeyed. She marched back in. The father and son were at the counter. The woman fighting cancer was the son’s wife. “I’m back! I didn’t share the most important thing in my whole life. Can I ask you a question? Do you believe in God?” From there, a great conversation ensued.

Laura found out this family was Jewish. The two men were very open to have her share her faith. They listened intently and thanked her profusely. They didn’t pray to receive Chris, but these two Jewish men have now heard the Gospel message and have a Bible in their hands. I shared this story with my daughter, Anna.

Anna asked, “Does God talk to you like that, Mom?”
“Yep. Not very often, but He has.”
“What does God’s voice sound like?”
“I can’t describe it, but there is no questioning it. What I can say about it, is this . . .

  • It is always clear, distinct. I don’t question it. It does not come from me.
  • Sometimes I hear Him speak a gentle word of tenderness or a timely truth that alters my perspective or my pain.
  • More typically, God asks me to do something out of my comfort zone. Like Laura, it changes my immediate plans. At one of my retreats this year, I shared a story about hearing from God when I was 21 and living in Florida. It was a “conversation” with God that changed my life. If it was not for me hearing God’s voice that day, you would never have been born and Run Hard. Rest Well. would not exist. After sharing this story, a man from the group asked me, “Brenda, why do you think God spoke to you?” Stumped, I said. “I don’t know.” I will never forget his reply. “God speaks out loud, when necessary, to those willing to listen and obey.”

Our take home for today. The Lord confides in those who fear him. Psalm 25: 14a (NIV 1983)

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4 thoughts on “A Vacuum and the Voice of God”

  1. The overflow of our silence is the peacefull voice of God’s wisdom in our lives. God will always pursue our obediece. It’s called Grace and Mercy for each new day. Silence in the Lord is life sustaining. PTL

  2. Powerful thoughts. God and I have had real conversations…..and then we didn’t. It was like I was walking in a dark tunnel. It was so dark I couldn’t see, couldn’t hear, couldn’t sense God’s Presence….and it was the most horrible time in my life. I knew God well enough to know He was there….He had my hand….and He was leading. But the darkness began to wear me down. I began to question. I put my understanding(mental thoughts) to work. That is a very bad place to be. Decades later, with the help of my Pastor I was able to connect with God and receive His thoughts on the situation. I was love. I wasn’t left. It was a new time and a new adventure. I hear people talk about the things they hear from God and the devil makes me question my faith. Why doesn’t He talk to me like that. But here’s the thing. God needs me to walk in faith. He needs me to believe Him when my life has gone bad. He needs me to set aside my thoughts….its this or that…no, there is another option….God’s. Yes, God speaks to me, and I know it’s Him. But as You said it is conviction not condemnation. It’s word spoken gently…even the harsh words….it words spoken in love. When I walk away I sense His smile. Oh, the glory and the joy when He speaks. Oh, the glory and the joy when I stand in faith believing when all around me is storms.


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