Truth Is

By Brenda Jank

Ruth Chou Simons reminds us, “It’s hard to make room for rest when there’s more work to be done.” Most of us are painfully aware that when it comes to rest, we cut corners.

We treat rest as if it were a negotiable activity, a To Do item we can place on the back burner and attend to when it is more convenient.

Truth is …
Rest is the fuel that produces our best Jesus-loving GO.

  • Go … make disciples (Matthew 28). Go make a difference in this world, in your neighborhood.
  • Go … and sin no more (John 8). God seems to say, “Let go and let Me have my way in your heart.”

Truth is …
Our go is important and God ordained, whether it’s mowing the lawn, crafting board reports, or scraping crusty plates.

God’s go through us, when we keep our eyes on Him in the mundane and miraculous of our lives, changes our world … and changes us.

Rest at its best changes me. Let’s let God have his way.

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2 thoughts on “Truth Is”

  1. In a world of the frenetic, we spiritualize lack of rest and being over busy.

    I am SO GRATEFUL for your ministries’ voice which points back toward Christ’s way of rest and dependence on The Father.

    Thank you.

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    • Jared –

      Thank you!
      We are in this together – disrupting the status quo and inviting people back to the heart of God’s plan.



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