Transformation Requires Tools


Transformation requires a number of things.

# 1 – It requires transparency, a willingness to admit –

  • Something is not right. And . . .
  •  . . . I want something more.

# 2 – It requires new tools to build a better tomorrow.

What tools do you have in your toolbox to transform your 24/7 existence with a culture of work, rest and rhythm that is vibrant and sustainable?
Let’s take a peek at Sabbath Keeping. Sabbath, at its best, is about relationship – our relationship with God and our relationships with those we love.
When embracing a Sabbath that restores and refreshes, consider adding these two questions to your tool box. They cost nothing, but when taken seriously, can put a dent into our overload and exhaustion.

1. Where and with whom do you need to invest and infuse your relationship with playfulness* and fun? What would that look like? When was the last time you laughed long and hard with those you love?
2. God pursued you this week. He pursued you with his love. He pursued you with truth. Were you aware? Where did these good gifts land? (For clarity, answer these questions in light of the Parable of the Sower.) Where did God’s love and truth land on your heart this week?

a. On hard ground.
b. On rocky terrain.
c. In shallow soil riddled with weeds.
d. Or did it find a safe landing-place in an open, receptive heart?
e. It’s never too late. Receive each gift! Re-plant where necessary!

If we take time this week to answer and act on these two questions, we might just change the course of history.

* Playfulness enhances healing and connection as illustrated by Cohen in Playful Parenting (2001), by Saltzman in Playfulness (2013) and discussed at length in We’re No Fun Anymore: Helping Couples Cultivate Joyful Marriages Through the Power of Play by Schwartz & Braff (2012).

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  1. I would have to say amoung weeds. I had many tests run. I received the report and everything was perfect. Then by a family member I was told I was mean, a hypochondriac, and anal. The words of “perfect” were lost to the negative condemnation. I must again get alone with God to destroy the negative words and be reminded of how He sees me. If the condemnation is accurate, then He will work with me to make me more like Him.


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