The Power of Inflexibility

What is non-negotiable in your life?

  • Sunday night football
  • Pizza on Fridays
  • Memorial Day Weekend at grandma and grandpa’s

The non-negotiables in our lives – can change our life.
What God-honoring non-negotiables exist in your life? Do these four make the cut?

  • Sabbath Rest – time set apart to not hurry, to savor, relax, pray n play. To give God full reign.
  • Sleep – an unbeatable defense for cortisol overload.
  • Stillness – be still and know that He is God.
  • Solitude – a quiet hour off the beaten path to meet with the One who knows my name.

Michael Hyatt posted an exceptional, quick-read titled, The Surprising Benefit to Being Inflexible. It’s a wake-up call against an excuse-giving life that is all too easy to live.
Be blessed!

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6 thoughts on “The Power of Inflexibility”

  1. Bedtime and Naptimes for our 1 and 4 year old! We sacrifice a lot and sometimes people don’t understand why we say no to things because our children go to bed at 7:00 or need a two hour nap every day. But our consistency in their sleep was a major contributor to why they were sleeping 11-12 hours by 8 weeks old in my opinion. Just as it is crucial they are getting proper sleep and rest what a powerful reminder that your words are here that we are getting proper Sabbath rest as well as physiological rest. 🙂

    • YES!
      We took sleep and nap time very seriously with our crew of 5.
      Even our teens are committed to 8+ hours of sleep each night.
      They recognize they feel better when their sleep tank is full.
      As a college student I was staying the in the home of a family who had 4 small children.
      It was a happy household. I asked the mom what her secret was and her reply was, “Sleep!”
      “Sleep for ALL of us. Kids, Tom, me. Without it, we’re a train wreck….”
      Her words found a place in my heart.
      Sabbath — may it become an inflexible GIFT in all our lives!

  2. OH, my, Brenda. Flexible vs inflexible. The tension call “life” coming face to face with the world around us. What are my inflexibles? Rest is one. That’s for sure. If I push too much, or if I’m in a stressful situation, either I rest or God sees to it I have to rest…..flat on my back. My body has taken a toll from trying to carry the world on my shoulders. I get pulled into situations that I wouldn’t choose, because I am inflexible about family. Unfortunately this leaves me open to being an enabler. Still, family….! I’m inflexible about Bible reading and prayer. That’s where my strength comes from. I’m flexible about the way I meet with the Lord and receive from Him. Each day the Lord offers me a myriad of opportunities to see Him or meet with Him or shine His Light. When I don’t take care of myself, I cannot respond to the needs of others. He must come first. He will allow no other gods to come before Him.


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