The Miracle of a Minute

By Brenda Jank

Navigating intense seasons of HARD is like operating with a bucket that has a large hole punched into it. It sets us up for rapid bucket-drain. When this transpires, two things emerge.

  • The people I love the most, will most feel the effect of my empty bucket, if I don’t stay alert.
  •  I have to plan for and prioritize frequent pit stops.

Right now, each day dishes out a level of emotional overload and a slew of extra needs and requirements that demand my immediate attention. It is taxing. I can navigate this gauntlet if I keep my eye on the fuel gauge and respond accordingly with compassion and intent.

Minutes truly make a difference!

It sounds so inconsequential, but a minute can make all the difference in the world. They are fueling my go in this season

  •  I give a 20-second hug.
  •  I drink a cup of cold water and smile at myself in the bathroom mirror.
  •  I step outside to feel the sun on my face or the wind in my hair.
  •  I warm up a cup of water for tea and while I wait, I simultaneously smile (a toothless smile),hum one of my favorite songs, and stretch for 2 minutes.
  •  I pray my way through a psalm, a verse, or a song.
  •  I pop some dark chocolate in my mouth, let it slowly melt, and slowly breathe through my nose.

What might the “Miracle of a Minute” look like in your life today?

Some of these things might sound crazy, but research tells us that each of these activities cause our brains to release restorative hormones that counteract the toxicity of stress hormones coursing through our brains and body. It’s a WIN, a gift, a pause with a cause!

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6 thoughts on “The Miracle of a Minute”

  1. Your post made me think.  I put something in the microwave for a minute, or more.  While the microwave is working, I fold clothes, put up dishes, straighten this or that.  What if I didn’t work while the microwave was waving at me?  What if played with or petted the dogs.  Work?  or play/pet?  Hum.  Sound like a no brained to me.

  2. A can of root beer.
    A walk down the hospice care hallway and back.
    A second longer look at the amazing sunset God painted just for us.

    • Oh Kip –

      Minutes matter when we’re waiting on the Front Porch of Heaven and time is a treasure.
      Praying for you and those you love – right this moment.
      This is a “Holy Halt” time – waiting, watching, and whispering love through songs, prayers, and holding hands.
      As your so know, Jesus is near.


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