The Joy of Productivity Can Be Yours

When it comes to productivity, I am all eyes and ears.
Time is precious. I refuse to squander the daily allotment of time I am given each day to live for God’s glory.
24 hours – to work hard and to rest well.
I also LOVE efficiency. Big smiley face. My family might cringe here. Mama is all about being efficient, much to their chagrin.
The preciousness, the sacredness of time is one of the reasons I am passionate about rest.
When I am refreshed, rested, kicking, and vibrant, I get more done and serve more fully.
When I am not, I land on auto-pilot and the world only gets half of what they deserve, a fraction of what I have to offer.
When the gasoline tank of our silver Vibe is on empty, it does not get very far.
Are your tanks full?
Are you well rested?
If your answer is “No”, give yourself a break! Take time to catch your breath guilt-free. If you need a little encouragement, read this short piece: Rest in the 21st Century
If your answer is “Yes, my tanks are full” then check out 6 Things Productive People Do Every DayThe tips are good. They are sound, and most are easy to set into motion. Pick one tip and make it your own.

What new thing will you do this week to work hard and rest well? They go together, you know!
Do you have favorite hints, insights, books, or articles? Share them with us today and pass the blessing on.

Eyes on Jesus.

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2 thoughts on “The Joy of Productivity Can Be Yours”

  1. Interesting that I read this today. I am feeling guilty. Not too guilty, but guilty. I made a commitment to bring the first hour of my day to the Lord…..His Word, prayers, and listening. One day I had to start with calls to the doctor, etc. Another day, it was something else. My heart was in the right spot and I thought I could get to the Lord after I handled the business I needed to do. But it didn’t work. Once my mind began to function on the things needed, my heart and spirit could not rest in the Lord. I understand why Jesus rose early in the morning or prayed late at night. Late at night often works well for me. Well, I do a lot of praying then and the Lord reminds me of scriptures as I get distracted. So, again, I will work to commit my morning to the Lord. A rule? No, just a wonderful practice to be still before the Lord and invite Him into my day.


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