Strength Management

Think on this:

We operate in the Spirit through our weaknesses. We run in the power of God through our strengths.


God uses us in our weakness. Everyday. No doubt about it. Willingly (like the small boy with 2 fish and 5 loaves) or reluctantly (like our brother Gideon) we are invited to participate in the unimaginable. It is a sight to behold. Humbled and grateful, our hearts overflow. We are changed. God’s Kingdom advances.

But, we are equally invited (commanded) to run in our strengths. We are who we are for a reason. A purpose. It is not self-serving, but people-serving and God-glorifying.

What are your strengths?

Can you name them? In record time?

Operating in our strengths energizes us, empowers us.

Eric Liddell once said about running, “God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure.” If you know his story, God got the glory as Eric operated in the strengths he had been given. Where my dear brother or sister, do you feel God’s pleasure? What energizes you? Through what act of service does your joy accelerate? As much as possible, in the short term and the long term, set a trajectory for your Kingdom work capitalizing on your strengths. It may mean thinking outside the box, but don’t let ‘shoulds’ or fear divert you.

We operate in the Spirit through our weakness.

We run in the power of God through our strengths.

Through what means has the Lord revealed your strengths? Your weaknesses? How easy or difficult do you find it to operate in your strengths in this season of your life?

Go Make A Difference
Josh is learning that the longer you live, the longer your “Go M.A.D. List” can grow. Cool insight, and it’s a fairly significant one for those of us who have an opportunity to think long term. How long is your list?  How long is mine?  Big question.  Is it growing?

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2 thoughts on “Strength Management”

  1. Strength? For every strength there is in it a weakness. I love to love on people, but I don’t like being around a lot of people. They exhaust me. I love ministering encouragement, but again this is often a downfall….I tend to be one who can be an enabler. God does give us strengths, but they can be hard to work within….guess that’s why He says that in my weakness He is shown as strong. He is, you know. He’s strong in us and for us and in spite of us. Praise Him for His work in spite of us.


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