Spread Too Thin

As you navigate through the joys and challenges of the summer, are you attempting “to be all things to all people?” or “all things to a few people?”

Is guilt nipping at your heels? 

Male or female, this article (from Today’s Christian Woman October, 2010) may offer some words of Life for a soul spread too thin.

No Guilt for Saying No.

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4 thoughts on “Spread Too Thin”

    • Sandy, Thank you.
      Front burner!
      We are here to be a kind and compelling reminder that God has something very precious and powerful for us in rest, rhythm, and sanity!

  1. Great article, Brenda. I have often found that if I don’t willingly stop, my body will stop me. Willing or not, stop is needed.

    • Betty, Stop is a precious and powerful word — and practice.
      May the GIFT grace you heart and life today!
      Eyes on Jesus.


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