Spiritual Discipline During Lent


This is the time of year when many Christians participate in various spiritual disciplines. Some people give up a particular food or commit to rise early to spend more time in scripture. There is a wide range of how people devote their efforts to these spiritual disciplines. These disciplines encourage the soul to rely more on God. There is another spiritual discipline that should bless your heart and find space on your calendar during Lent, and every other season of the year.


Exodus 20:8 highlights, “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.”
Many of us do a poor job honoring God’s gift of Sabbath rest. Many of us don’t know where to find the time within our busy schedules to pause. How can we prioritize time with God to allow His abundant provision to refill our souls? 

As the final days of Lent lead us to the cross, let this be a time of reflection to receive God’s invitation to Sabbath rest. Allow yourself to depend on Him, and be filled by His love and mercy. Can you find a day or even a few hours to spend precious, holy time with Him? Receive the rest God gives you freely. Allow your mind, body and soul to rest in Him.

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