Soul Repair Begins in the Hands of God

Soul repair begins in the hands of God.
Two characters from the Mandarin language reminded me of this truth, thanks to a devotion book I am enjoying with two of my sons right now, Noah and Joshua.
We learned that the Mandarin word for “devotion time” is ling xiu.

  • The character for ling means “soul” or “spirit.”
  • The character for xiu means “to repair.”
  • Time with Jesus is time for “soul repair.”

When I pause and enter into the Presence of God, my heart lands in the hands of Jesus.
Cradled. Nestled. It is a safe place for my soul.
It is a safe place for your soul.
Repair work does not, cannot take place from a distance. It is a hands-on activity.
The hands of God can be trusted.
It doesn’t take too many hours on any given day for my soul to be in need of mending, repair, or revival. Life is not easy.
What assurance to know that we don’t go at it alone.

What does soul repair look like in your life?

My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me.

Psalm 63:8 (ESV)


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4 thoughts on “Soul Repair Begins in the Hands of God”

  1. Our kids gave me a plane ticket as a retirement gift. I’m flying to Fort Wayne and staying alone at a log cabin after visiting an old friend.
    The working years have left me bereft and I’ve yearned and prayed for quiet, rest, solitude, reflection. Since retirement I’ve had more time, the stewardship of said time a demanding master. Spending time alone with God obviously makes Him first, leaving questioners questioning, knowing in my soul there is no choice. Soul-healing. Soul health. Thank you, Brenda, for recognizing this terrible dilemma of our time, the constant busy-ness, the demanding presence of the cell phone, the delusion and lie of what “others think” – dear Lord, thank you for always keeping me in the place of knowing I’m here for and with the approval of One.

    • Oh Janet,

      You are speaking for all of us … the weight … the longing … and the fulfillment we find in Jesus.
      May the Tender, Healing One welcome you into the peace and quiet He has for you, His beloved.

      Eyes on Jesus!

      Run Hard. Rest Well. wrote:

  2. Oh, yes, Brenda! Psalm 23 says the Lord restores my soul. Psalm 19 says The Law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul.” It sounds to me like soul restoration is pretty important to God. It is important to me too. This life can be wearisome.

    • Soul Revival!
      Those verses breathe LIFE !
      Father, take hold of our hearts.
      We are weary.
      You are near.

      bjhandrick wrote:


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