Sinner Saint

Well, the Jank crew successfully lived together for a whopping 33 days and 11 hours without a major skirmish. It’s a record by at least 30 days, maybe more. My guess? The whole idea of dying brings out the best in us. But who, this side of heaven, can be good for too long?

Not us. storm

Friday night became a free for all – a verbal battle ground for 3 kids. But the story of this storm isn’t just theirs, it’s mine too. I was witnessing an array of poor choices among my kids. I acted wisely—for a short while.

Then the sinner in me began to simmer. My own storm began to brew.

My motives were good.

My actions (reactions) were not.

I’ve parked myself for long minutes on the quote, “Another person’s poor choice is never a reason to excuse mine.”


Big sigh.

Sinner. Saint.

It’s a dynamic alive and well in the Jank household. We meet Jesus in these times, if (IF) I’m honest about my own junk and gunk.

I need a Savior.

I have no power to untangle my mess apart from the redeeming love that never runs dry.

I drink to the full.

Know what?

A new day, a new hour is always on the horizon. Running the race well includes the work of love and confession among those who have a front row seat to the good, the bad and the ugly in my life.

Where do you see evidence of a simmering sinner in your life?

Prayer Needs

• Josh is wrestling with edema in his feet, ankles, hands and lungs. Pray for a plan that brings these issues under control. He is also having a significant problem with the formation of hematomas where the pain medication is pumped “sub Q” into the fat layer of his high or belly. Large pockets of blood form under the skin. They are uncomfortable, a breeding ground for cellulitis (a nasty bacterial infection) and make finding “new” infusion sites more difficult.

• Noah continues to wrestle with the hard work of “anticipatory grief.” It’s a difficult task for those with years of maturity and spiritual/emotional resources and reserves. It’s easier to process “sad” feelings through “mad” expression, yet this approach builds walls, not bridges to those who are most able to help. Pray for Noah’s heart through this on-going process. We have times of breakthrough, but it’s a long-haul journey.

• This season of life is beginning to have the feel of a new “normal.” Pray we embrace each day as the gift it is to all of us.

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2 thoughts on “Sinner Saint”

  1. Sometimes in the down times I need the kids to toe the line, do their chores, and LEAVE ME ALONE!! At other times… when it gone on for a while… a squabble or two is a blessing. It means they know I’m okay to handle LIFE. I bet inside Josh was saying “yes, real life in the Jank home.” And Noah! Oh, Noah! Sometimes life just sucks. Praying for you all. And, Brenda, don’t beat up on yourself. Jesus doesn’t expect perfect. That was His job. You just be real to all those He has given you. Real is better than perfect any day.


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