Simple Summer Joys)

Today’s post was originally published in June 2016. We hope you enjoy it!

Ready for summer?  It’s here – with an invitation to things we often neglect.

I’ve got 2 “assignments” for you today.

One. If you’ve got 10 free minutes and want to challenge your core beliefs and understanding of play, in a way that is dynamic and energizing, listen to Stuart Brown’s TED talk sometime this week. Steeped in science, it’s a game changer.

Two. Dream.
What simple summer joys can be yours, if a tad of intentionality is factored into the weeks that lie before you?

Make a list. Post it on your fridge. Share it on this post. Engage. Enjoy. Don’t delay. Don’t wait for a convenient time. It will never transpire. The operative word is N O W.

Here’s a “starter” list to put you in the mood.

Eat an ice-cream cone. Chase down an ice-cream truck. Pick a dandelion. Lay out under the stars. Learn to skip stones. Dance in the spray of a sprinkler. (Let a little one lead the way.) Blow bubbles on your porch . . . every day. Walk through the grass barefoot. (How long has it been?) Build a sand castle. Mimic a bird; see if he talks back. Sit on your porch. Linger. Do something you haven’t done in years Ride a bike. Go canoeing. Roast a marshmallow. Nap in a hammock. Let cotton candy melt in your mouth. Dance with your shadow on a sunset walk . . .

Friends, this is just the beginning!

Make this a summer of white space, green space, playfulness, and breathing room. It will tap into something mysterious and miraculous . . . for you, yes! But also for those you love.

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1 thought on “Simple Summer Joys)”

  1. Hi Brenda, I had to laugh when I saw the list of “to dos”. I’m ahead of the curve on some of them. We just picked up some waffle cones at Aldi, so I’ve had my ice-cream cone and will have many more :o). Barefoot in the yard – almost every day if the weather is above 60. I go out to check my raised beds or hang out laundry and love the cool grass under my feet.

    I love being outside, even if it’s just to pull some weeds. I’m pretty sure heaven will be a garden – maybe like Eden. Yesterday when it was so beautiful, I hung the hammock swing in the big maple and just sat to enjoy God’s creation.

    Bruce and I enjoyed a few evenings in our rockers on the front porch. It’s very restful. Lately the mosquito and deer fly population has exploded, so we have avoided it. BUT, I have a new discovery. A friend gave me a can of Annie Oakley “Don’t Touch Me”. I didn’t get one bite yesterday so I’m sold on the stuff. It’s a mix of essential oils, no DEET, so safe for kids and pets. I think it’s my new “perfume” for the summer :o)

    Have a great summer, Ruth

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