Redefining Sabbath

By Brenda Jank

In 2015 I spoke at the National Student Leadership Conference at Taylor University. Vision-casting was evident at every turn. Joy flowed freely through the students, the fellowship, the assembled speakers.

On Saturday morning, J. R. Briggs reminded us that the right question, at the right time can “redefine my reality and rewrite my story.” So true. So very true. Got me thinking.

Many people today question the value of Sabbath – maybe not with their words, but by their deeds, or lack thereof.

What if the Sabbath Remember-ers of this world would begin to ask re-defining questions of our Sabbath Rest?  How might the REST of this day grow and expand, claiming new realms of our body, mind, and soul?  Questions like . . .

  • Did I veer off the freeway long enough for God to refresh my soul?
  • Did I reconnect with God in a way that woke up my sleepy soul? Did I enjoy the company of important people in my life full-tilt, no guilt?
  • Did I step outside?
  • Did I live in the moment, free of last week’s concerns? Unburdened by what’s before me?
  • Did I unplug? Shop?
  • Was I aware of my deepest needs, intent to allow God’s Rest to have its way with me . . . be it to sleep, soak in the Word, savor fun with a friend, to be still and know?
  • Was I intentional? Spontaneous? Did I hear the Lord singing his love song over me and my day?

I begin my Sabbath celebration with a simple prayer (found below, click here if image does not display). It offers the intentional pause I need to allow my heart to shift gears from overdrive to park. As a card-carrying Type A person, this prayer is a portal, preparing me for the gift of rest God intends to be mine. If this prayer is a blessing, email us and we’ll send you a printable copy.

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7 thoughts on “Redefining Sabbath”

  1. Thank you very much I needed the prayer since I am flying today evening from Delhi to Seattle via Frankfurt 23 hr I need be carried home in the arms of the Father resting with a thankful heart Great cheers 

    • Praying for you and the joy of today – held tight in the arms of our Father.
      The Peace and the Presence of the Lord be yours – as this world-wide adventure begins!

  2. Please send Sabbath Rest prayer.  Love the work you do.  Eventually, I will fullly embrace it.  I took this week as a stay-cation and it has been so peaceful and refreshing.  Maybe its teaching me how to do this for just one day each week…

    Thanks Brenda,  Rita Rita Fiorentino The Gathering Together A comfortable place for the terminally ill 147 N Center Street (x-apple-data-detectors://1/0) Plainfield, IN 46168 317.797.2795


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