Rule Breaker

By Brenda Jank

I met a nasty deer fly today. The thing was out for blood. Mine! His assault was constant and creative. Relentless, he made my morning walk quite miserable.

Do you have an “internal rule” that ruthlessly prevails when you attempt to “take a break?”

  • No pain. No gain.
  • Shoulda. Have to.
  • You’re not enough
  • Look at what _________ is doing!

Jesus was a rule breaker when it came to rules that kept him from God’s best.

It’s a long list – all the rules Jesus broke.

He talked with women
Ate with sinners
Washed filthy feet
Pick grain on the Sabbath
Challenged the leaders of his day
Played with children

Is there a rule in your life that drives you from God’s best? What rule –  what man-made, self-inflicted mandate can you dismantle this week in the name of freedom, hope, and love?

May I suggest one?


There is a time to work hard, late into the night. But when this DICTATE relentlessly chains us to a pace unconducive to LIFE, liberty and laughter, something is wrong, terribly wrong.

May your work and rest be sweet and pleasing
to you and the One
who breaks the rules
and gives New Life.

Are you ready to begin conquering those lies? Click here for help and hope that shines a light on a better way.

Note: This post was originally published in July, 2016. We are re-posting it because we believe it is just as important today as ever.

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3 thoughts on “Rule Breaker”

  1. Thank you. I will try to break this rule today. It needs to be broken.
    Here is another one that needs to be broken.
    I will rest only when everyone else is.

    • Oh Karen – Learning to rest is such a counter-cultural act.
      Praying for the passion of this journey that we are on together.
      How are you going to REST in the next week or two !


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