Radical Sabbatical

Radical Sabbatical.

Over the last two years I’ve tried to figure out how to infuse a Sabbatical Rest into a life that does not allow for “time away” in typical Sabbatical fashion.

I’ve tried out different ideas. I’ve come away from these trial runs believing it’s possible—far from easy, but possible.

For me, it’s been about “working” 9-5 each day, and moving into a very intentional rest from 5 pm to 9 am every day. It’s involved radical, difficult, short-term “no’s” for a week or two. It’s also included a lot of yeses, like:

  • Choosing a bed time and sticking to it.

  • Exploring margin.

  • Lunch dates with friends.

  • Accepting help, sometimes even asking for it.

  • Care-free fun with my family.

  • Personal retreat times – set and scheduled.

I’ve learned a few things along the way, but have much to explore, master, embrace.

I’m ready to give it a go—live! (Not pre-recorded.)

My bone dry tank is crying out.

I’ve been exploring this idea here and there over the last 24 months, dipping my toes into the idea of Radical Sabbatical.

I’ve found it quite inviting. The water is deep and blue.

The time has come to take a plunge. I’m ready to dive in – face first, a full body dunk for a very thirsty soul.

Want to join me?

What would a weekend, a week or a month of Radical Sabbatical look like for you?

I’ve learned it’s something that requires forethought and planning.

Would it be worth the effort?

Maybe later this month, or in August, in October?

Want to give it a try? I would love for you to join me.

Water wings are available upon request.

First time here?

8 thoughts on “Radical Sabbatical”

  1. There is a sabbath rest. I believe that. I can and do get away from the “work” and activity. But….. The thing I most need to get away from is with me all the time. It haunts me, plagues me, goes where I go, condemns, criticizes, and it is me. My mind. How do you get the mind to go on a sabbatical? Being busy stills the mind but exhausts the body. Still the body and the mind goes bonkers. Crazy!

    • Betty,
      There is so much truth packed into your post.
      It’s rugged terrain. Rugged!
      My radar is up to learn more at His feet on this. It is a battle for all at some point or other, and for some of us, it is a steep climb at every turn. Let’s get our hands and hearts wrapped around this one and wrestle it through the dark night until God blesses us, even if it’s like Jacob in the wee hours of the morning, sporting a a hip that’s never the same. There’s a blessing waiting for us on the far end of this question, this heart’s desire.
      May there be a quiet, still moment today.
      Prince of Peace pave the way.

  2. Dear One,

    It is more than worth it to plan to spend some time with you…I’m looking at the fall…I’ll stay tuned…I love every single post, and never run out of things to take to the Father on your behalf:).

    Love, Linda

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Love it, Brenda! I’ve raised my 5 and now all my chiildren and grand children are out of town. It’s odd too feel the quiet, but I still have to try. It’s so easy to slip into the auto-pilot activity of becoming a “human doing”. You are so right , it has to be intentional. Blessings to you and thanks for your wonderful blog!

    • Fran,
      Auto-pilot. What an easy place to find ourselves in.
      Can I borrow that term?!
      May this new season of quiet propel you to new places. God places. Good places.
      Rest well. Listen well!


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