By Brenda Jank

March Madness is before us. Much of the madness in our lives is of our own making. It comes from the insidious pull of opportunity. Opportunity knocks and we open the door a few too many times. Stretched thin, our lives unravel and our deepest priorities drown in the onslaught of overload.

Bottom line – how do we make rest our own? How do we make restorative rhythms a way of life? What questions press upon us as the rubber hits the road? Here’s the outstanding line-up of questions you sent my way through the blog, email and eyeball-to-eyeball.

  • How do I change the direction of this ship? I hate that my life feels like a shipwreck. It probably looks like one, too.
  • My mind never stops. It’s so hard to be still. How do I stop my racing thoughts?
  • How do I feed the Word to my loved ones who have lost faith and don’t want to talk about God?
  • How can I fit everything into my life and do it well? I always feel like I’m failing.
  • When does rest become irresponsible? What’s the difference between resting well and being lazy?
  • How do I keep the Sabbath Holy?
  • Is it possible to rest on the run? (a matter of focus and not bodily stillness)
  • Do men and women rest differently?
  • Is Solitude (personal retreat) important for all personality types? I’m an extrovert and get my energy from being with people. -and- I’m mad at God. It’s hard to rest with someone you’re mad at. Any ideas?
  • How do I loosen the grip of technology and TV?
  • What can I teach my young children about rest? Isn’t a child’s life ALL rest? -and- I can’t rest because my kids are so busy. How in the world do I learn to say no?



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