Precious, Powerful “Stop”

4 thoughts on “Precious, Powerful “Stop””

  1. Good morning Run Hard Rest Well Family!

    I just want to acknowledge this Precious AND Powerful statement as the Holy Spirit had recently “stopped” me for awhile just that I can relax and reset my mind, body, and spirit so that I can FLOW freely in this NEW YEAR (Jewish New Year – 5782) without burnout!

    Thank God for the GIFT OF REST!!!!!

    Continue to have a wonderfully blessed and prosperous day!!!!!!


    • Ahh – !
      Run Hard Rest Well Family!
      This is what we are. Family.
      Cheering each other on as we run hard and rest well.
      Thank you. Thank you.

  2. Oh, Brenda, yes! Since I have had surgery, I find small things that just are bigger than I once thought. Nothing bad, but just weighty for my soul. For me, I said stop to devotions. WHAT! Good heavens, why devotions? Well, I’ve said yes too often to too many. I removed 4 and kept 5. Each was good and encouraging and so hard to say no to, but I just have to trim my list. As we get into the holidays with those list, it was time to say STOP. Thank you.

    • Betty – You are wise and beautiful.
      May God use each devotion (in a more manageable number) to bless, fill, encourage, empower..
      His voice changes everything!
      Speak, Lord – we are listening – ready to receive.
      Love you!


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