Precious Memories

There are seasons in life, journeys we take, that leave us with only enough breath to whisper.  We can, then, be most grateful that pictures really do speak louder than words.

Josh and Mama, “in the arms of love” (1995)

The irresistible Josh, 4 years old

Josh and the cute crew in 2001 (Sam, Joe, Anna, Noah, Josh)

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10 thoughts on “Precious Memories”

  1. It is really hard to get to this place to reply. Something’s up with the site.

    These are precious memories. This is love that will hold fast and stand strong. My love is with you as are my prayers. Oh, my friend, how my heart cries out, Abba! How to we walk in the Valley? We don’t. Our Abba carries us lest our foot should fail. I’ve walked the Valley. I’ve seen the other side. I’ve felt the heart of God in the midst of the cries of pain and terror. To hold a child in your arms and watch him grow…to laugh and cry and watch his love for you and for His Heavenly Father…and then to watch no more. Abba! Abba! Abba!

    • Betty,

      The heart cry is constant.
      and Abba’s arms surround us.
      Oh these valley walks …
      Betty, from your last post, my heart is heavy with your pain and heartache.
      i am praying for you, too.
      Are you able to sleep at night? It’s so important, but sometimes so difficult to get the quality we need.
      Peace my friend.

      • Sleep is a precious jewel. I don’t know that I have ever slept well. Now the sleep is hard when it does come, but with it are dreams. Sleep? Rest? Two separate things. Neither are options in my life right now. The terrors come hard and often. Even this reply is hard. Still, I hold fast to the One Who knows me best. He will not allow more to come than I can stand under….more than I can handle? Oh, yes. But He will not allow me to be broken beyond His repair ability. There is much to learn and He is a patient teacher. I only wish it didn’t hurt so badly. Yet, I could not stand and walk under the load you carry. My little cross…I’ll keep it awhile. When I grow into my big girl pants, He have a bigger cross for me then. I think it’s called muscle strengthening exercises. I love you, friend. Rest!

  2. I have always enjoyed watching your family grow. A strong love faith and hope will see all who believe, safe in the arms of Jesus. Keep on keeping on.

  3. How very precious. I cried buckets of tears at the sight of the pictures of my beautiful grandchildren. The many joys that we have had as a close knit family has been a blessing that not every family has had. At our adult bible class on Sunday we talked about Josh as we have for many months. Some one mentioned how blessed Josh has been to have such loving parents as you and Tim. How true! Love, Dad


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