As School Starts – Pray!

By Brenda Jank

Teachers need our prayers. School administrators need our prayers now!

School leaders are making major decisions that will likely need to be remade in a matter of weeks or months. The weight is monumental – and crushing. Many leaders are wrestling long into lonely nights. Most  second-guess their decisions at some point. It is the nature of Covid-19 beast. Pitting physical health against mental health is like being between a rock and a hard place.

What can we do?

A lot.

Pray. Pray for school officials and teachers – by name. Pray for parents and students.

Support. Affirm. Refrain from criticism.

Write a personal note. Thank them for their leadership and assure them of your steadfast prayers.

Encouragement is balm for the weary soul.

The opportunity to do GOOD is everywhere. May we have eyes to see!

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