Parenting in the Fast Lane

Antibacterial soap.
Infant monitors.
Car seats.
Bike helmets.

We go to great lengths to protect our children from many lurking dangers, but not all. There is one that alludes most households.


Trapped IN the rat race ON the treadmill of opportunity, we run faster and harder at every turn. Devoted to our children and well-meaning in every way, we’ve inadvertently exchanged devotion to God to devotion to our children’s success and happiness.

Complex. Crushing. Compelling. We need to start talking. We need to start asking questions and sharing stories with others who value the sanctity and sanity of family life – how it is and how it could be

Question #1 As you look at your calendar, your exhaustion and your child’s face, what do you fear most when it comes to a saying “no” to an irresistible opportunity before you?

Write out your fears. It’s an insightful exercise.

Then take the list to Jesus. It’s a great place to begin.

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1 thought on “Parenting in the Fast Lane”

  1. Guilty! Sort of! Oh I didn’t do the little league or soccer or things like that… many ways that could have been preferable. At least I would have been participating in the children’s live. Instead I tended house. I quit playing baseball in the front yard with my son. I abdicated to my husband’s wishes of not doing devotions with the children….the family. God was big in my life, but I allowed my husband’s leadership to trump God’s….and I am ashamed. I was weak. I was foolish. God is the restorer of the years the locust have eaten. There is no going back. Things wouldn’t change anyway. THIS is the day the Lord has made. I will go forward.


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