winter sunrisePlanned and unplanned, prayer is a purposeful pause in the Presence of God. It changes our lives, and when God sees fit, the lives of others. Kingdom work.

At it’s best.

On our knees.


When and how does prayer breathe new life into a worn and weary hour? Day? Season?

First time here?

2 thoughts on “P.R.A.Y.”

  1. Ah! Be still and know. A lot there is forced stillness. This is not being still. My mind and body don’t stop. I need to pause. Rejoice? I think “happy, happy” but I love the thought of meditation on God….thanking Him. Adoration? To adore Him is easy…to be quieted and experience Him isn’t. The Word. The blessings of the Word. My days are filled with feeding and my hunger is quenched, but only for a moment…more Jesus….more!

    • Betty,
      May our hunger for Him today be satisfied in the fullness of His Presence.
      “Hush. Be still. I am here.”
      He says it to me.
      He says it to you.
      And He never tires of reminding us …


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