My car, a little silver Vibe, has 6 gears, plus an overdrive button. I think the same goes for my life. Right now I am in overdrive. I bet you’ve been there.

Run Hard. Rest Well. is not about work avoidance, but work enhancement. We have a job to do. God has a call on our lives and we have a race to run for Him.

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve not been posting new material the last couple weeks. Priorities must change when overdrive comes into play. I have come to discover that when my “to do” list expands exponentially, the hours of my days do not follow suite. Ticks me off. Every time.

Choices must be made.

Pushing limits of endurance is a part of the race. Jesus missed meals (Mark 6:31) and sleep (Luke 6:12) while running His race. The Father provided for Him. Our Father provides for us in these overdrive times.

Overdrive is part of the race, but it cannot be the sum total of the race. Chronic overdrive creates an abundance of adrenaline and cortisol that quickly becomes destructive at every level: physically, emotionally, and cognitively. We must take this to heart. We must come clean. A season of overdrive is OK. A lifestyle of overdrive is not.

Two weeks ago I led a retreat. I was approached by a woman who has been blessed by the message of Run Hard. Rest Well. “After all I’ve read from you, I expected someone who was calm and quiet. You’ve got energy!”

I am a fairly calm and even-keel gal, but get me talking about rest and watch out! My passion runs deep and it shows.

What passion puts you in overdrive? Your job? Your family? Your calling? This particularly crazy season of life?

A season of overdrive is OK. A lifestyle is not.
Where do you find yourself today?
Do you need to trust that Jesus will provide?
Or do you need to evaluate for minor or major adjustments?
God is into course corrections and the NEW LIFE it brings His people.


Note: This post is part of our original series on rest. We are re-posting some of our favorite articles because we believe they’re just as important today as ever. We hope you’re challenged to think of rest in a fresh new way. Would you like to read the post that preceded this one? Click here

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9 thoughts on “Overdrive”

  1. For some of us, overdrive can be pushing 18 hours of work/stress into a 24 hour day. For others, it can be 2, 3, 4 hours of work/stress. It can be phone calls, doctor visits, emails, you name it…..or it can be giving a presentation or tilling the soil for a garden. Manual labor is still labor….so is sitting around doing “nothing.” That’s where I find myself today. Grandson to school for graduation practice. Then to the post office. Then pick him up and try to get a form still needed for his drivers license. Add some devotions and prayer time in there, a couple of quick emails, a phone call, and now to the doctor. Argh! I’m battling sickness again with difficulties breathing. Go outside and enjoy nature….not if I want to breathe, but I have to get out to go to the doctor and everywhere else. Overdrive. The sickness will pass. The emotions will calm once I’m off the steroids and antibiotics. But for now, for today, it’s overdrive…..even though it seems like I’m standing still. God will come through. In my weakness He is strong. I’m my foolishness, He leads and guides and corrects. He reminds me that it is okay to be still…..and it IS okay.

  2. I need to make minor adjustments. Completely dedicate myself to Jesus. And allow him to do what he has planned for my life . 

    • Isaac —

      God is so very, very good. Always in pursuit. Always drawing our eyes and our heart to him, his miraculous ways, and nonstop love.
      Day by Day — may you be aware of God’s presence around you and within you.
      Isaac — do you have a church home that you call family?
      I’ve got some great recommendations.
      Feel free to email me . . .


  3. I am in a season of overdrive and I really needed this message today….
    I’m working full-time sometimes 50 hours a week and going to school online at night. It’s just for a season as I know I’m going to be laid off later this year just as I finish school. I’m praying that God gives me the strength to handle this season of overdrive so I can improve my rhythms of rest and work.

    • Liz —

      Praying for Breathing Room in the midst of this season.
      These are manna days . . . and it takes every ounce to remind us that God does provide.
      I pray, too, that sleep is restorative and that Sabbath joy is yours — if only for a few hours.

      Eyes on Jesus!

  4. Brenda,

    The Lord is still sending me messages through your site. For Christmas the girls gave us tickets to the Neal Diamond Concert for just the five of us.

    Sunday was wonderful . After the concert ( at midnight) my nephew called to tell me my brother and his wife were in a severe car accident. Later my sister in law died-my brother is ok. In the morning I received another call – my Dad’s sister in Rhode Island had died. Got another call – my nephew who has a heart pump (48) was retaining water. He is back in Christ Hospital, Oak Lawn. Monday we drove brother and his wife to the hospital so they could see him before he received a heart catheter. He is waiting for a new heart.

    Found out yesterday I have low sodium. So that is why I was not feeling well. God is sooo good. As you and I know.

    Praying he continues to bless your special ministry – it is feeding me!!!!!

    • Elli – – ! ! !

      Oh my. Unbelievable the loss and upheaval you’ve been through in a few short days.
      So grateful for the doctor news — so you can get a handle on that, positioning you to navigate the healing ahead from a place of strength.
      What caused your low sodium?
      I had that, too, at one point.
      For me, we tied it back to drinking way, way too much water each day.
      Do you have a handle on the cause … and the cure?

      Praying for you right now.

      • I don’t use salt too much. She suggested I sprinkle some on my food since I don’t use much in my cooking. Yes – I drink a lot of water too. Will see my primary in July & have another blood test. Thanks for asking!

        God Bless you and your ministry.

      • We have something called “my chart” at our clinic. Got my lab reports yesterday. My sodium is just a little below the normal ” low”. Melissa (#1) told me about an article she had read to just add Himilayan pink salt to a glass of water. I thought she said a “t” – so the first day I did that. Talk about a miracle – my threatening depression was lifted and I just FELT better. The next day I thought 1 “t” was a little much – had a lasting salt taste in my mouth. So I double checked with Melissa – it is. PINCH of salt in a glass of water!!!!!!

        The doc had asked me about feeling nausea & fatigue & confusion. I had a couple of episodes but I thought it was a touch of the flue. Had really never felt fatigue before. One Sunday I told Geo I just become so tired physically that I just had to go back to bed and did my devotion at home.

        The Lord has really blessed me by reconnecting with you. Your Christmas letter about resting really spoke to my heart. My Mutti would have 30 minutes of rest everyday in the afternoon when I was growing up. Her mantra was everything in moderation – especially food. Your “one sweet thing a day ” I still practice!!!!

        May our loving Lord continue to shower you with his blessings to give you strength to mentor to more women. I forward ones that speak to my heart to my daughters and sisters in Christ.

        Love you more than the tongue can speak. (Stole that from senior President Bush – who said it to his son)


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