One Child at at Time

After speaking to a group of executives and managers of a large organization, a woman (younger than most in the room) came up to me with tears in her eyes. “God is getting my attention. I needed to hear what you had to share today. This morning I peeked at my 8 year old son’s letter to Santa Claus. On the letter he had written, “more time with mom and dad.”

As we minister to adults, our hearts focus on the children. So many of our children are growing up emotionally neglected to some degree because of calendar overload and exhausted parents. RHRW equips parents to live in counter-cultural, biblical ways that position their children to flourish and God to be glorified.

RHRW has 63 donors. We need 600.
Dependent on support, a gift of any size allows us to run this race, touching hearts and homes worldwide.

Thanking God for you today and every day!

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