Of Drool and Delight

Leviticus 28 is not well-known devotional reading. Glance at it and the word tedious comes to mind. God goes into intricate detail of how Moses was to oversee the crafting of the Ark of the Covenant. God seems quite invested in the chamber where His Presence was to dwell.

God’s Presence. It’s not for the faint of heart. His Presence became visible on earth through a burning bush (Exodus 3), a braying burro (Numbers 22 ) and bolts of lightning (Exodus 20)…to name a few sightings.drool and delight

God visible on earth. Re-live the mystery, the majesty, the miracle.

20 centuries ago God came to earth as a tiny, wailing babe. He arrived to the smell of damp straw, cattle fur and donkey dung. What a reception! Jesus became one who would drool and dream, one who would experience His parent’s devotion and his Father’s delight.

God visible on earth. Re-live the mystery, the majesty, the miracle.

You and me. Faulty and prone to failure, the Living God of the Universe chooses each day to use you and me to bear His Name to a world in need. Driven to distraction by trivial pursuits we fail more than we succeed. Remember Leviticus 28? God pays great attention to where His Presence dwells. Attentive and surrendered, let this month of quiet, silent nights be a time of devotion and delight.

God visible on earth. LIVE the mystery, the majesty, the miracle.

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  1. This Christmas season has been unusual for me. There has been a sense of anticipation that I have not experienced before. I don’t expect or even want more stuff. No, I want more Jesus. The Angels appeared to the shepards and the proclaimed loudly the Good News. It seems odd that the people in Bethlehem didn’t see or hear anything. My guess is that they were so busy with life, they failed to live. I want open eyes, open ears, open heart to what the Spirit will speak to me this season.


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