Question: Why rest? I have no time for it. It’s an impossible burden that only leaves me feeling guilty.Rest well. Love big.


It’s our most important call. It’s hard work. Sometimes it’s the hardest work of our lives, but in the end, it typically the most rewarding and the most fruitful. When Josh,our 20 year old son in Hospice care, shares a Red Diamond with an old or new friend he says, “It’s red because love matters, love makes a difference.”

I wrote a bit about his passion for sharing red diamonds, but now I want to share why I think Josh has a passion for love. When Josh was getting sicker in the Spring of 2013, he was becoming emotionally unstable. In the end, we came to understand the toxins from his liver were causing encephalopathy. These toxins were attacking his brain. We were up to our necks in anguish and turmoil. Josh was spiraling out-of-control. It was one of those hard, hard places that you wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Josh ended up with a police escort to a behavioral health center. The psychiatric care at this particular place was not impressive. It was actually heart-breaking. God, however, still had a plan for Josh’s 3-day stay. On the last day at this facility, Josh met me with tears during visiting hours. He had a story to share.

The night before, after visiting hours were over, Josh and his roommate had a heart-to-heart talk. “Josh, your family really loves you. I met your dad yesterday and your mom, today. You’re really lucky. Do you know how lucky you are? Look around this place. There’s not a single person here who has that kind of love in their lives. When you have love, Josh, you have everything. You’re going to be OK.”

Josh wept when he told me this story. “I don’t just have your love, I have God’s love.”

When you have love you have everything.

For God so loved the world…


Are we situating our lives so that love is making a difference in the lives of those in the realm of our influence—even the ones who drive us crazy? And what about beyond? How is our love moving us to enter into the lives of those who are last, least, lost and lonely?

Why rest? I think it’s a one-word summary of the Great Commission.


Rest well. Love big.

First time here? Welcome! We are a group that gathers around the theme, “There has to be a better way.” We’re finding it in the 4-word mission statement, “Run hard. Rest well.”

  • It’s a journey into the heart of God. It comes our way through an on-going exploration of four biblical rhythms that revive, replenish and restore: Sabbath Keeping, Sleep (and other simple stress-reducers), Stillness—personal retreat, and Solitude—personal retreat.
  • It’s an expedition that challenges us at every turn. It convicts us in deep, tender places. It alters our priorities and plans. It’s not for the faint of heart.
  • It’s adventure at its best – as we learn to run the race, our race, God’s race in a power not our own.

First time here?

9 thoughts on “Love”

  1. Love. Is there anything else? Anything that matters? Love. We talk about it when we think of steak or hamburgers or Mexican food. It applies to sports and music and shows. But real love…God’s love…agape love…is action. God doesn’t love me and put me on a shelf. He doesn’t look at me and dust me off now and then. He puts people in my life to show me I matter. He puts people in my life who I can show Jesus to them. Love isn’t a given. It isn’t normal. Real love isn’t stuff. It is taking someone’s hand and walking that mile with them. Love is everything.

  2. From someone who can only rely on the Lord but not put into words as you do. What a gift you are and thank you for sharing.

  3. Brenda,

    Thanks once again for touching my heart with an amazing post. I love to hear your stories of how God interacts with your life and more than not, I find ways to relate these things to my life. It was so wonderful seeing you at the adoption conference this weekend. You are an inspiration to many and I pray that God continues to give you strength and comfort during this time. Thank you for always sharing God’s love with others, regardless of what is happening in your own life.

    Love – Andrea

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  4. Brenda, Thanks for sharing this story of Josh. I may use it this Sunday as part of the sermon I am working on from the parables of the mustard seed and leaven in Matthew 13. Brian

    > On March 17, 2014 at 9:19 AM “Run hard. Rest well.” > wrote: > > brendajank posted: “Question: Why rest? I have no time for it. It’s an > impossible burden that only leaves me feeling guilty. Love. It’s our most > important call. It’s hard work. Sometimes it’s the hardest work of our lives, > but in the end, it typically the most rewardin” >


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