Love. It Makes A Difference

Originally published in February 2016, Brenda’s words have meaning for us this day!

Love, some say, is spelled t-i-m-e. I think it sometimes is.

I came across a story I knew I wanted to share in February, the month of love. I found it in Greg Finke’s book Joining Jesus on His Mission. This book was THE find of my 2015. I’ve been looking for it for 15 years! It clearly and powerfully shares the “Run Hard” of RHRW. It is a must-read. You will never be the same.

Greg shares a story in Joining Jesus on His Mission I will not soon forget. (Names have been changed.)

A pastor and his family, living in Chicago, recognized and embraced the fact they were American missionaries. They found great joy in the relationships they built with their neighbors, except for one family. Knowing that “dad” was a pastor, this family outwardly resisted. Years of attempts yielded no real connection until one Saturday morning when a knock came at the door. With no real word of explanation, the neighbor, Sam, entered their house and sat down at Pastor Pete’s kitchen table.

Last night I was at the high school for a National Honor Society meeting, Sam recounted. An autistic student gave a speech. She got up and shared. . .
“I’m here tonight to be inducted into the NHS. I have autism and going to school is hard for me. Kids don’t understand me and are often very mean. I wanted to give up, but I didn’t. Tonight I want to thank my friend. I am here because of him. Every morning he would track me down, give me a big smile and say, “Good morning!  Have a great day.” That act of kindness, every day, gave me the courage to face another day of school.” 
Pete, there was not a dry eye in the room. That boy was your son, Ben. I’m here this morning to say hi. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

And with that, Sam got up and left. Their friendship took off.

Love, some say, is spelled t-i-m-e. Others might add that it is spelled intentional, kind, persevering.

As we go about our days, let’s wake up and look out. Every day we come across people who are marginalized – the last, the least, the lost, and the lonely. Some we see every day. Others we might come across while standing in line at the grocery store. Start with a smile. Let the Spirit lead the way.

How do you spell love?

How does God?

First time here?

2 thoughts on “Love. It Makes A Difference”

  1. Beautiful. This brought tears. I rarely think of how much meaning there is in a smile, a hello, looking someone in the eyes and smiling. It matters. Thank you.

    • Simple is often the home of sacred.
      May Jesus shine through our hugs and smiles, our notes and random acts of kindness.
      Together, my friend – we GO – !


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