Life, Liberty…

6 thoughts on “Life, Liberty…”

  1. Thank you Jesus for giving me the wisdom to seek after restorative healing and wholeness in every area of my life!!!!

    Restorative Blessings to you and your staff Brenda,

    • Amen. Alleluia!
      Every day. In every way.
      Jesus fill our buckets.
      (I see your email address when your notes come my way, but it doesn’t show your name. I would love to know it. You encourage us and I would love to thank God for you by name. If you feel comfortable, feel free to share your first name. That would be a blessing.)

      • Hello Brenda and Good Morning to you!

        I am surprised that you can’t see my name because I always end the email with it. Nevertheless, my name is Gwendolyn Morris and I started following your ministry after a friend on Facebook suggested it to one of her friends!

        I knew that I needed this ministry in my life ❤ because I was running on empty!!! I thank God for this space because “it restores my soul” and gives me peace!

        I am a Christian blogger, writer, and Minister and I have been blogging for almost 3 years now by His leading.

        Continue to have a wonderfully blessed peaceful and prosperous day.

        • Gwendolyn – !

          Thank you. Thank you!
          Can you email me when you get a chance? I would love to connect.
          (All I see when you reply (for whatever reason) is Gmorris326 …. maybe this is how our reply is set up. I don’t know ???)

  2. Yes I need this after I get through the next 3 weeks. Where do I go. And I’m requesting a warm day 67 or so.

    • Yes. Yes. Yes.
      A park. A coffee Shop. The library.
      Do you like quiet? Outside space? People space. Familiar space. New space.
      For extraverts, a pretty outside mall can be a good place – like Jefferson Point.
      Find a bench. Enjoy the beauty. The movement. But also the quiet.
      Praying the Lord makes a way, Diana!


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