Jesus Knew Fatigue

By Brenda Jank

John 4:6 is one of my favorites:
“Jesus, tired as he was, sat down by the well. It was about the 6th hour.”
What do we learn from Jesus in this short account of his life?
Alot. More than most of us realize.
Jesus did not shy away from self-inventory.
Jesus honored his natural limits and chose decisively, to rest in his weariness, to put his feet up. 
Take note, it was only noon!  Jesus “should” not have been tired yet, but he was.
So He stopped. Sat down. And rested.
His Father used Jesus’ need to rest to set healing into motion for a woman emotionally broken and bleeding.
God uses all things. Our work and our rest.
May we learn to follow His lead.

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4 thoughts on “Jesus Knew Fatigue”

    • Jennifer –

      With a heavy, focused heart – I am praying for you, your mom, and your family right now.
      May the Best Rest of your lives unfold in new and surprising ways – despite the rugged hard before you all of you..
      In minutes, in sleep, through God’s Word Alive and Active, in slow breathing, dark chocolate, and long hugs.
      Here’s one of our favorite songs right now called Hills and Valleys.

      Jesus be near.

  1. Yes! I think of the time He slept in the boat in the midst of the storm. Sometimes resting is not convenient, but still is necessary.

    • Betty, I can only imagine the fatigue he felt to fall asleep on the boat — and then stay asleep through a storm!
      I want to follow Jesus’ lead!


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