Irrisistible Invitation – Get Outside!

If you live in the northern hemisphere, make sure you do not travel through the beauty of this season without finding a quiet place outside. Once there, sit and watch – marvel at the cascade, the dance, the twirl of falling leaves. Enjoy this wonder, and your soul will sing for the rest of the day.

These days, the weather, the splash of color, the clouds and the breeze are delightful. God’s trying to get your attention. Will He succeed?

Do you have 10 minutes? Go outside. If you have an additional 10 minutes, read this thought provoking post on Forest Therapy research from Japan. It’s an engaging, stand-out read, packed with brain-science info I won’t soon forget. Pine trees here I come!

Your turn! Join the conversation here or on Facebook and tell us about your favorite thing to do in the fall.

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4 thoughts on “Irrisistible Invitation – Get Outside!”

  1. I will be going home from the hospital on Sunday. The last time home was 7/16. Over two months. One of my goals is spend time outside if I can and walk in the grass. Thank you for your love and care as you teach us to rest.

  2. I lived in new England for over 20 years. In the 300 year old cemetery across the street from by house there were rows and rows of trees that would turn the ost beautiful colors, like those in the picture for this blog. i would go there at least three or four times a week during fall and lay under one of them and look up as see the world through a lens of magnificent color, not only was it beautiful, but it made me understand there is a greater force than we see, there would have to be to create this and I would be comforted.

    • I find a kindred spirit in you!
      Trees, leaves, sky, and wind feed my soul and direct my praise to the glory of King of Kings and Creator of all.
      Savor and enjoy.
      The feast of fall is before us!


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