An Introduction to Prayer: Part 1


If I’m really honest, I have to admit I find it easier to spend ten minutes talking about God than ten minutes talking to God. My life bears evidence of this reality too often. My growth can be meager. My fruit is nothing worth writing home about.

Can you relate?

How do we turn the tide?

How do we infuse our lives, our passion, our purpose, our existence with prayer—so our lives find the rest and power we long for?

I think the first step is examining our understanding and practice of prayer.

For 40 years, a majority of my prayer life has been spent in monologue. I talk. God listens.

Nothing wrong with talking. God wants to hear from his children. But it can’t consume.

Monologue doesn’t set me on a fast track to a healthy relationship with anyone, including God.  

Does a prayer monologue come easier than dialogue to you, too?

Getting a glimpse of Moses’ relationship with God spurs me on to explore this whole idea of dialogue. I think the whole idea of dialogue prayer captured Joshua’s heart as well.

Now Moses used to take a tent and pitch it outside the camp some distance away, calling it the “tent of meeting.” Anyone inquiring of the Lord would go to the tent of meeting outside the camp. …The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with his friend. Then Moses would return to the camp, but his young aid Joshua son of Nun did not leave the tent. Exodus 33:7 and 11.

Get face to face with God. Start tomorrow morning.

Psalm 5:1-3

Note: This post is part of our original series on rest. We are re-posting some of our favorite articles because we believe they’re just as important today as ever. We hope you’re challenged to think of rest in a fresh new way. Would you like to read the post that preceded this one? Click here

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7 thoughts on “An Introduction to Prayer: Part 1”

  1. Ah, mornings. Before the animals awaken and begin to scream to go out and get fed. Before the potty breaks. Before the body has even begun to fill with rest. Mornings……not my time of day…..but I try. When only the sounds of birds beckon. Lord, I bring You my day. Lord, You know my exhaustion. Refresh me in my spirit, so that as morning awaken the duties, I can commit myself, my day, my words, my submission to Your will. Help me be quiet until I hear and I’m led and before the noise of being awake begins the jumble of confusion on constants. Only the Holy Spirit can bring this to pass. Thank You for Your Spirit. Now…its late. Allow my body the rest it desperately needs. Turn my agenda for tomorrow into Your opportunities.

    • Oh Betty —

      Sweet, needed words for my soul today.
      You are an extraordinary prayer warrior and poet,one show shapes words into tender mercies.
      Thanking God for you today!

      Eyes on Jesus.

  2. Good Morning, my dear Brenda!!!

    God takes such good care of me! I have been down in the pit. I marvel how my dear Lord brought you back into my life.

    Reading my devotion this morning, in the EVERYDAYMATTERS BIBLE FOR WOMEN, I read “Getting Away With God” as I was reading it I thought I need to share this with Brenda! Low and Behold the author of this insert was YOU!!!!
    My dearest friend said my life was like a soap opera thus last month. My losses are almost too much. First my sister in law died in a severe car accident, my last Tante on my father’s side, my brother who just lost his wife, grandson was in a single car accident, left the scene, was found lying in the road. He worked at a Cannabis farm. He had some in his car. My Tante Edith, on my Mutti’s side died – I was awake the whole night she was dying here in the USA -she lived in Germany. Some dear friends leaving the hospital where she was having her regular cancer check walking on a ramp in the parking garage were hit my a car. He is OK but her leg was run over my the rear wheel of th car crushing her leg. Surgery included a steel plate screws, etc, 6 – 8 weeks recovery. The police have no jurisdiction on private property. All this while my cousins son is visiting with us. My best friend now living in Florida is having difficulty forming complete sentences.

    Thank you for sharing your gift. REST WELL. LISTEN CLOSELY. PRODUCE NOTHING!!!!

    • Oh Elli !!!

      The seas of your life are rolling and boiling in a fury that threatens to take you under. Grief upon grief upon grief. I am so very sorry.

      What are you doing (how are you protecting retreat time) to navigate the ache of this season. Do you have a comforting “getaway place.” A back porch, a park bench, a city park, library . . . Make time for meeting Jesus through Psalm 30, 57 and 143. One at a time.

      (Thanks for the neat surprise about the Bible. I had no idea. I wrote for Christianity Today a lot a while back and here and there I learn of other creative ways they are using some of my stuff. Thank you, Lord!)

      Eyes on Jesus, Brenda


      • My dear Brenda,

        Your replies are like a cool drink of water to a parched throat!

        I am back on my antidepressant. Had a panic attack and knew it was time. The last episode was 5 years ago. Able to manage this one better.

        Yes, have my time with my Lord top priority. That’s how I knew I needed meds. Besides the deaths I have too many dear friends suffering with cancer, etc. I have entered a new season of my life.

        May our dear Lord continue to hold you in the Palm of His Hand and shower many many blessings of your ministry!!!

        Love you

  3. My dear Black Roses,

    Feeling your prayers and gradually coming back out of the black pit I have fallen into. Someone just told me my life was like a soap opera!

    Needed to share this one. Brenda was on our St Paul staff when I worked in the church office.


    This is what I am working on with my devotion time. The PRODUCE NOTHING is really really hard.

    • To produce nothing is some of the hardest, most productive work of our lives.
      When we read Psalm 46:10 we have to read to the end. We oven only read the first part!


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