How do you approach the use of your time? Thoughtfully. Casually. Cautiously. Carelessly. Carefully.

When was the last time you challenged your use of time? Whether you have a Type A (responsible) personality or Type B (relaxed) personality, it’s a healthy thing to explore “the other side.”

Do you know which way you lean? If you’re not sure, enjoy this 4-minute video.

More than a set “type,” people land on a continuum . . . with a natural bent toward one way or the other.

Knowing our bent alerts us to the “danger zone.” To recognize your “danger zone,” answer this question.

Are the people around me more often annoyed that I work too much or play too much?

God is most glorified when we do both with full abandon. Because of this truth, don’t be afraid to challenge your natural bent.

“Dost thou love life?” Benjamin Franklin once said. “Then do no squander time (time for work and time for rest), for that’s the stuff life is made of.”

There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

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6 thoughts on “Intentionality”

  1. LOL! I took a test on personality types. I was melancholic I think. My response was that I didn’t see anything positive in this personality. The leader laughed. It was the typical, usual….that stubborn, perfectionist, that I was. What good is it to know? Well, for me, it encouraged me to become more flexible in areas where I was weakest. It also showed that my perfectionism led to procrastination. Now how does that fit? If I can’t do it perfectly, I won’t do it. I won’t tell you that I disagree with you and will not….. I just won’t do what you ask. See? It’s horrible! But I have Jesus. He comes so gently, so faithfully, and brings the security I need to make the changes needed. He reminds me that I don’t have to take “rest” and make it a job. It’s been a hard road, but the Holy Spirit has been faithful, and I am still learning. I am not as bad about dragging my feet as I once was. I can stop, and I can take time to breathe…..but not in my own strength. Without the Holy Spirit….it would be impossible.

  2. I just received this via email: “But what if the people I work with are more often annoyed that I play too much and the people that I “play with” are more often annoyed that I work too much?…lol…just a funny thought I had to myself when reading. Thank you for your posts and your passion!”
    So true. So true! Any thoughts out there? The first one that comes to my mind. Live in rhythm and LISTEN to the One who created both work and rest! Onward.

    • LOL! One of my “go to” verses is from John 21:20-22. Peter has been told he will be crucified. He is frightened. He looks at John. My touchstone is when Jesus says what about him? It’s none of your business. YOU FOLLOW ME!

      As I grow older and maybe a bit wiser, I am seeing that God doesn’t want cookie cutter people. He wants me to be me. He made me unique, my gifts are unique. If I’m not acting in the way God designed, I’m shortchanging those around me. I’m denying them my quirkiness. And I’m telling God that He messed up when He made me. So what if I don’t get it right in the eyes of the people around me? It really is their loss. We were called to be set apart.

    • Thanks, Ardis. We would love to have her join our crew — but the rules say that Faith has to sign up for a blog herself. Would love to have her!


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