In This Together!

Run Hard. Rest Well. is celebrating the partnership and creative vision we share with individuals and organizations locally and world-wide. That includes you!

A special thank you to Targeted Services, P.C. who honored us this year as one of their 2018 We Rise Award winners for nonprofits who are making a difference in northeast Indiana.

Their staff has been blessed by two Run Hard. Rest Well. retreats. We have been blessed by their superb accounting support and a financial gift as a Rise Award recipient.

Teamwork! What a gift.
Together we can make rest simple and strategic for all we love, lead, and serve.

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7 thoughts on “In This Together!”

  1. Congratulations Brenda!
    I pray for you regularly and am so thankful for your hard work and what God is doing in your ministry! May God continue to lift you up as you serve with such humility.

    Blessings, Tami

    • Tami – You bless and encourage me.
      It means the world!
      Have a great week.
      Does this summer hold some time to refuel and recharge!

      • Brenda, Short answer is yes 🙂 Long answer is that God has been faithful and gracious in the midst of a tough season. Mother-in-law died and we’re clearing her house. My full-time job at school is half-time for summer 🙂 My part-time Shaklee job is growing. I’d hoped to reduce both jobs to part-time, but husband’s job was just cut to 50%. Praying for wisdom, and trying not to respond by trusting in man. Your ministry and personal testimony are important, and have helped breathe life to me! I’m reading “God Calling” now-great devotionals 🙂 Sorry to go on. How are you?

        Blessings, Tami


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